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Feng Shui Ruler – How to Read Auspicious and Inauspicious Measurement?

Many Chinese people use the specific dimensions of the Feng shui ruler or measuring tape to unveil the auspicious or inauspicious energy in their home, office or garden.

People typically use this special ruler to construct furnitures like tables, chairs, and prayer altar tables. But wait, don’t rush into measuring every piece of furniture in your home and start getting worried.

Besides these dimensions, other factors matter too. For example, most Feng Shui practitioners uses flying stars, eight mansions and other methods to tap and harness the beneficial energy of the house.

Feng Shui Ruler Auspicious and Inauspicious Measurement – How To Use It?

We usually see Feng shui rulers divided into eight sequences of dimensions. You will notice four auspicious sections (indicated with red ink) and four inauspicious sections (marked with black ink) on the ruler. Each segment measurement is equivalent to 43 cm and will repeat every segment.

Apart from that, you can also find two markings of measurements on the top and bottom of the ruler. What do they mean? We use the top section to measure Yang houses, meaning our living space, while the bottom is for measuring Yin houses like coffins and graveyards.

Let’s dive into the meaning of each segment.

財 (Wealth)财德AuspiciousWealth Luck0 - 5.4
宝库Asset Accumulation
六合Support from Benefactors
迎福Welcoming Good Fortune
病 (Deterioration)退财InauspiciousDecline in Wealth Luck5.4 - 10.7
公事Financial Legal Entanglement
牢执Legal Issue and Jail Term
離 (Separation)长库InauspiciousAccumulation of Negative Energy10.7 - 16.1
劫财Robbery or Burglary
官鬼Meet Backstabber and Scammer
失脱Wealth Loss
義 (Righteousness)添丁AuspiciousDescendants and OffSpring Good Fortune16.1 - 21.5
益利Windfall and Profit
贵子Talented and Blessed Offspring
大吉Prosperity and Abundance
官 (Authoritative Power)顺科AuspiciousAcademic Success21.5 - 26.9
横财Speculation and Windfall Luck
进益Wealth Luck Improvement
富贵Fame and Recognition
劫 (Robbery)死别InauspiciousLoss of Something That is Important to You26.9 - 32.2
退口Loss in Everything in Life
离乡Negative Reputation or Shame
财失Catastrophic Loss of Wealth
害 (Harm)灾至InauspiciousDisaster32.2 - 37.6
死绝Loss of Loved Ones
病临Sickness and Poor Health
口舌Gossip and Argument
本 (Origin)财至AuspiciousWealth Influx37.6 - 43
登科Success in Examinations
进宝Ushering in Wealth and Prosperity

Once it reaches 43 cm, you can see that the first segment comes next, and the complete cycle of 8 segments repeats itself.



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