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7 Feng Shui Mistakes to Avoid at Home

Here are 7 most common bad Feng Shui rules people make, so take extra care to avoid them in your home to harness good vibes.

1. Overlook the Main Entrance Foyer

In Feng Shui, main door is being considered as the “mouth of qi” and must be well kept to welcome positive and wealth energy into the home. Do not litter the area with smelly shoes, bags, rubbish bin, dirty stained floor mat and other clutter.

2. Over use of mirror

In the recent years, property is getting more expensive but the floor space has become smaller in size so many people likes to use mirrors all over their house to create a feeling of spaciousness. Mirror can be used but do not overdo it by installing them in all the rooms. Position them only at strategic locations and avoid placing at certain area that can cause bad Feng Shui.

3. House Filled with unwanted stuff

Have you ever visited a house that is cluttered with newspaper, boxes, stuffed dolls, toys (but children has already grown up) and other expired stuff? If this sound like your house, it is high time to discard all the unused and unwanted items. It will promote better ventilation and good energy flow which in term boost your home Feng Shui.

4. Ignoring the broken item

It is always good to periodically check for spoilt lighting, home appliances, water leakage and etc, fix it immediately to avoid bad energy accumulating

5. Take care of your bathroom position and avoid the under-mentioned 


6. Using dried or artificial flower

In the eye of Feng Shui, these dust-catchers are representation of bad energy / qi so it is better to remove them from your house. It would be better to have lively and healthy plants but you must take good care of them. 

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7. Treating Feng Shui as a Overnight Get Rich Remedy

Lastly, but the most significant point is that people tends to see Feng Shui as an instant cure to improve one’s life but it should not be this way. We should be also taking action ourselves to change our destiny and Feng Shui as a tool to enhance our luck. 

In summary if you’re still unsure of these bad Feng Shui rules and want to know how to create good Feng Shui in your house, you should hire a professional feng shui practitioner in your area that you can trust. One last point to take note is that there is no 100% good Feng Shui house, so do not strive to get one to get yourself too troubled.




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