Good Feng Shui Color For Your Bedroom

How to Choose Good Bedroom Feng Shui Color For Good Health?

Do you always wake up always feeling tired even though you have already slept for a full 8 hours? Have you ever wondered if choosing the correct bedroom Feng Shui color does help?

Firstly, beside mental stress or other emotional factors that can affect the quality your sleep, there are also external environmental factors that need to be considered such as bedroom Feng Shui.

Prior in our previous articles, we have already mentioned the do’s and don’ts, things to remove from your bedroom for good Feng Shui, so in this post, we will cover the recommended color for each sector that your bedroom reside to promote good health luck as a result.

Before we go into it, there are some general rules to know. 

  1. Do not use full height mirror on the wall. 
  2. Do not use glass, granite, metal on the wall because they do reflect and give people a feeling of oppression
  3. Simply use paint on wall for a soothing effect.
  4. Use colors that you love most and also avoid having too many different colors in the room or house. It will be good to use 1 or 2 main color but can have different tones. 

Take a look at the image and imagine if you are the one sleeping there, do you think you can sleep well?

Based on the the 5 elements principle, under-mentioned is the color chart based on each sector that the bedroom is in.

East / SoutheastGreen, Blue
SouthLight Purple ,Yellow
WestPink, White, Light Yellow, Light Grey
NorthWhite, Light Yellow, Pink or Red
NorthwestGrey, White, Pink, Yellow, Brown
SouthwestYellow, Brown

Note: This table is just for reference based on the 5 elements but the most important is that you must love the feeling of these bedroom Feng Shui color because you are the one who will be spending time in this sector. 




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