Evil Eye Protection Symbol

Discover Everything About Evil Eye Protection Charm Use and Significance

If you have ever received a gift or souvenir from someone that has just came back from Turkey, that might be the Evil Eye Charm. This is because this Turkish evil eye amulet, also called Nazar is very common and prominent in Turkey and its surrounding countries. This symbol is growing increasingly popular in the western, but not in the Asian countries.

So before you throw it away somewhere, read on and know the powerful use/significance behind this unique symbol.

7 Thing You Should Know About Evil Eye Protection Charm

The Evil Eye is believed to be a symbol of protection that is applied in Feng Shui for many purposes and they are as under-mentioned:

1. To guard against negative energy or deflect any Sha Qi outside the house, just like the Ba Gua Mirror.

2. It is also known to protect against evil spirits, so it can be displayed at the main entrance door for this purpose.

3. Evil Eye charm is also well reputed to protect you against harm from people with ill intentions. They can be jealous friends, colleagues and competitor that want to put you down, so you can display one on your working table.

4. To protect you from anyone that does not have genuine good intentions.

5. Some even believed that it is a good luck symbol and wear as a jewelry accessories for example, necklace, bracelet or bring it whenever they go in their bag/wallet to attract good fortune.

6. You can even use it to protect an object, whether a new car, house, mobile phone or anything from someone that is envious and cause harm to them that is caused by their evil thoughts.

7. It can also be hung in vehicles to provide protection against evil influences and increase your travel luck.




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