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5 Fascinating Facts About Maneki Neko Aka Lucky Fortune Cat

Maneki Neko is a famous Japanese figurine with the meaning of “beckoning cat”, also known as the lucky fortune cat by the Chinese. Many people often use this symbol for good luck and money magnet.

This fortune cat is a type of lucky charm often found in restaurants depicted as a cat with its paw raised and waving, beckoning customers to come in. There have been many debates about this symbol’s meaning since its creation over 400 years ago. Some believe it represents the power of good luck and prosperity, while others say it signifies the power of money and wealth.

In Chinese culture and Feng Shui, many people love this fortune lucky cat and typically use it as an auspicious ornament at home or office. In addition, there are meanings and significance behind the cat’s colour and the left/right raised paws. In this article, we will uncover the secrets of Maneki Neko.

What Are The Meaning of Left or Right Paw Raised of the Lucky Fortune Cat?

You can find the Maneki Neko in various shapes, sizes and colours. People like to craft this lucky charm out of wood, metal, ceramic or stone. However, the most common type of Maneki Neko is the bronze statue with a cat’s face on its raised left paw and a beckoning right paw.

Do you know the meaning of these designs?

Left Paw Raised

If you have a fortune cat with the left paw raised, it represents a male cat. Besides that, this design also symbolizes attracting wealth, success in career and great fortune in business. Therefore, it is suitable to be placed in the office or shops.

Right Paw Raised

It represents a female cat that symbolizes the family’s joy and prosperity and blessed good health. In addition, it also means welcoming guests, so it is suitable to place at home and retail shops.

How About Both Paws Raised?

The lucky fortune cat with both paws raised symbolises good luck and success. You can always find this interpretation at an auspicious moment of victory, such as finding a lost object or winning a game.

The Meaning Behind the Colors 

There are many meanings associated with the colour of a fortune cat, but it still depends on your intentions of getting the figurine.


Traditional color , considered to be the luckiest, attract wealth & prosperity


Safety and Wards off evil spirits


Enhance academic/education luck and good health


Good for increasing career and wisdom success


Attract nobleman and helpful people in your life


Promote prosperity & attract opportunity


Represent Happiness, purity, and attract positivity into life


Attract intense money luck and good fortune


Improve romance and relationship luck


Protection from evil & sickness (especially in children)


Encourage good health, stability & good marriage luck


Suitable for frequent travellers for safety luck
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What Are The Significance Behind What the Fortune Cat Is Wearing and Holding?

Bib and Bell: It may relate to protection, as well as wealth and material abundance

Coin: Wealth and material abundance

The magic money mallet: If you see a small hammer, this represents wealth. When shaken, the mallet is supposed to attract wealth.

Regardless of the raised paw, colour, or item in its paw, you basically can’t go wrong with a Fortune Lucky Cat standing by your side.




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