Tortoise Feng Shui Meaning and Use

The tortoise, or turtle is one of the 4 celestial guardians that is widely known in the Feng Shui practice for representing longevity and good health. They also correspond to the 4 compass directions, namely the green dragon belong to the east, white tiger that is the guardian of the west, red phoenix that support the South and the black tortoise guarding the North.

There are a couple of rules for placing a tortoise as a feng shui cure in your home and office.

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Tortoise Feng Shui Use and Placement

1. As a symbol of protection, you can place a tortoise at the back of your home or garden to promote good Feng Shui that bring safety and support.

2. Position this turtle to guard at the space behind you in a home office to symbolize support and giving you a sense of security.

3. Place one in/facing your “Tien Yi” health direction based on your personal Kua Number as it helps to promote good health and combat illness. It is also believed that if you are suffering from poor health, it can cure you.

4. If you have a large tortoise with 3 small ones stacked on top of each other, it can be placed in the East sector as it is a lucky symbol to bring longevity and harmony to all members of the household. Beside that, it is also a representation of long-lasting relationship.

5. Tortoise love water, so display it near to a water fountain or fish tank will aid in magnifying the positive effect.

6. If you are looking to enhance your career luck, you can consider putting a dragon turtle on your office desk. It has the combination of both the dragon (symbol of power and authority) and tortoise (representation of protection and influence)

7. If you are looking for an ideal gift option for an elderly, Feng shui tortoise is a great choice because it symbolizes blessing him/her with long life and respect.

8. You can place it anywhere in the house, except the bathrooms and kitchen.

9. If you are having issue in your sleep, it is believed that placing the tortoise near the head of your bed can help in removing anxieties and improved your sleep quality.




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