Feng Shui Bed Direction – Where Should I Sleep?

Bedroom is one of the 3 most important areas in the house that you must take care of the Feng Shui. In bedroom, the bed is the most significant furniture and it is believed that if you adopt a good Feng Shui placement that tap into your auspicious bed direction, it help to attract immense good luck and abundance. Beside that, it can also help you avert misfortune and avoid being the victim of poor health.

One of the most widely use method is using your Kua Number that help to determine the favorable direction. You can simply refer to this chart below:

KUA NumberWealth & SuccessHealth & Longevity (Tien Yi)Romance & RelationshipPersonal Growth (Fu Wei)
4NorthSouth EastSouthEast
5 (Female)SouthWestNorthWestWestNorthEast
5 (Male)NorthEastWestNorthWestSouthWest


Are You Sleeping In One Of Your Favorable Feng Shui Bed Directions?

Based on the above chart, it is good to sleep with your head facing towards one of your favorable directions based on your desire, if you wish for wealth, health, love or personal growth. For example, for those who are single that wish to attract your other half into your life, you can choose to sleep in your Romance (Nien Yen) direction.

There is a common confusion for married couple – where is my best Feng Shui bed direction?

1. You can sleep in your husband’s favorable direction and avoid the bad direction.

2. It is best scenario if you can sleep in both favorable direction, for example, for a couple whose Kua number is 3 and 4, you can choose South direction.

In the real life environment, sometimes it is very hard to achieve such configuration unless, you buy the plot and build your house from scratch where you can choose to position each room. So don’t worry so much if you are not able to sleep in your favourable Feng Shui bed direction, because the most important factor is that you feel comfortable and at ease.

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