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Amazing Feng Shui Tips to Choose and Place Your Christmas Tree

The season of greetings and gifting is approaching. It is time to fill your house with festive spirit by decorating your Christmas tree. You might be curious to find out if there are any Feng Shui tips for the Christmas tree, in term of dos and don’ts. If you are planning to place one at home, you should know these tips.

Where To Place Christmas Tree for Good Feng Shui?

If you have been researching Feng Shui before, you might have heard or aware of the Ba Gua map. It is the concept that maps the specified areas of the house to each aspiration of life. You can use this map to place a Christmas tree in the corresponding area of the house to reap the most benefit.

The tree belongs to the wood element. It will be good to position the Christmas tree in the area that complements or benefit from the wood element. Below are the sectors to place your tree:

East for Family and Health luck

Southeast to attract wealth luck for financial success

South for fame and reputation

On top of these favourable areas, you should also avoid placing the tree in the position facing the toilet, under the staircase and in the kitchen.

christmas tree feng shui tips


Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts To Place a Christmas Tree at Home

Besides choosing the optimal position, there are also some other considerations to take note.

– Ensure the lighting ornaments are bright and in working condition, especially if you are using the recycled ones from the previous years.

– Avoid placing the Christmas tree in any location that is blocking the energy flow at the main entrance or obstructing the walkway.

– Remember to add gifts to the tree to symbolise abundance and good fortune.

– Don’t overdo the decor and keep them balanced

Wishing everyone a joyous Christmas and prosperous new year!




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