Feng Shui Colors to Each Rooms in Your Home

Is it time to give your house a fresh new look of Feng Shui colors paint?

When coming to choosing house or room colors, it can be a very difficult decision to make because you are unsure if it will turn out to look good in overall or whether if it is the best choice is for your house. If so, you should apply the ancient art of Feng Shui to serve as the starting points for color selection because each color has a different meaning and direction associated with it.

Listed below are some colour paint guide for the rooms of the home and the best wall, according to Feng Shui principles. Bear in mind that the list is just served as a guideline, you must be also comfortable and passionate with them.

Feng Shui Colors for Each Room in Your Home


Recommended Feng Shui Color: Light color like white, beige or any earth toned colour is a good choice because bedroom is a place for you to rest and rejuvenate. If colour used is too bright and active, it will not allow you to rest well and will cause health issue. If the colour is too dark and dull, it might cause depression.

Color to avoid: For married couple, it is best to avoid pink because it tends to create the problem of third party interference.

Living Room

Recommended Color: Milky/creamy white or ivory is definitely the color to used for the living room because this light paint colour give people a comfortable and soothing feel and look.

Color to avoid: Dark blue is definitely a big NO NO because it will cause health, marriage, relationship and career luck. Red color should be avoided too because it can cause short temper and disrupt harmony in the family.


Recommended Color: White color that symbolise pure and clean can be used to neutralise the negative energy in the toilet. You can also use light blue color to create a bright and soft blue sky outlook that give a soothing feel.

Color to avoid: Based on the Feng Shui principle, toilet represent the water element so it is best not to have red or dark purple color in bathroom because there is conflict between water and fire. It is also recommended to avoid black and dark colour.


Recommended Color: Earth color, like beige, oatmeal and khaki works well in kitchen because they bring stability to the household and also help you to have a harmonious cooking space.

Color to avoid: Red with fiery shade can create an imbalance in the kitchen when used, so it is best to avoid it.

Children’s Room

Recommended Color: Color being used in the children room will affect the mental and character growth so it is good to apply light color, like soft blue and greens to encourage growth while creating a serene atmosphere. See below for the colors chart to apply and avoid.

Color to avoid: Avoid using aggressive colour dark red, purple or black in the room as it can irritate the young ones.

Color for Children Room


In summary, the final choice is still yours to decide when choosing feng shui bedroom colors. They must be colors that you love so ask yourself if you are comfortable with them. You might also be interested in knowing the colour to avoid in home Feng Shui.




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