Flying Star is an excellent Feng Shui formula that you can use to optimize your luck for the year of the Rooster 2017. It is an easy-to-use yet accurate method to discover what energy is in what location, so users can find out where to tap the good and suppress the negative chi for the year. Flying Star formula is based on the directions of the compass, divided into nine sectors in a home or office building. What Flying Star lands in which sector determines either lucky or unlucky vibrations. Lillian Too, a highly respected feng shui grand master and author, says that the Flying Star is one of the most powerful ways to quickly and effectively improve your luck using Feng Shui.

The Flying Stars Feng Shui is not complicated to understand. Simply following the information of energy changes within a sector can help determine where to spend more or less time and which areas need Flying Star feng shui cures to attract or repel energy. Relationships, career and prosperity, as well as health issues, are all affected by the Flying Stars. Knowing their annual location can make all the difference in whether your year is a good one or not – and the outcome is within your control.


This year’s annual Flying Star Feng Shui Chart becomes effective on February 5, 2017. Those stars which are positive (green) should be enhanced while the negative (red) ones should be subdued or made less harmful. The good news is that with this information at your disposal, you play a role in determining your destiny, because whether a star is lucky or not, there are methods to maximize or minimize its effects.

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