Blue Rhinoceros

Blue Rhinoceros Feng Shui Significance and Placement For Protection

Some Feng Shui schools of thought believe that the blue rhino is a symbol of protection due to its defensive nature. They use this symbol to mitigate the unfavourable energy of flying star #7 that causes unexpected wealth loss like theft, burglary and robbery. Besides that, it also helps to minimise the chance of an accident.

In some cases, the rhino comes together with an elephant because they are the formidable symbol of ultimate strength that can keep peace and order in home and office.

Blue Rhinoceros Feng shui Significance and Use


Where To Place Blue Rhinoceros For Good Feng Shui?

1. Display these protective Rhinos in the living hall and ensure that they face outside, not inwards. It will help to guard you against bad people with evil intentions. However, if placed wrongly, it might head clash with you and create obstructions instead.

2. Avoid placing this rhino symbol in your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.

3. Check for your annual flying star 7 and display it in the afflicted sector to weaken the negative energy. The blue rhino representing the water element can help exhaust the flying star 7 that belongs to the metal element.

4. In office space, you can display it to fend off backstabbers and intense competition

5. Some people even take it as a keychain accessory for personal protection wherever they go.

In summary, if you need a protective symbol against evil people or unwanted accidents, a blue rhinoceros at home or office might help.




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