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Annual Feng Shui Flying Stars 2020 Cures and Enhancers

In this upcoming year of Metal Rat 2020, here are the sectors of your home or office that you need to take note and should minimize activities in these areas, especially major renovations.

North (352.5 – 7.5) – The Grand Duke / Tai Sui

South (142.5 – 217.5) – The Three Killings

South (172.5 – 187.5) – Sui Po

In the Year of The Metal Rat 2020, the favorable stars will be residing in the following sectors:

NorthEast: Victory Star #1

NorthWest: Prosperity Star #8

West:  The Future Prosperity Star #9

SouthEast: Heavenly Star #6

SouthWest: Peach Blossom Star #4

These are the sectors that you should consider enhancing to bring in favorable energies that encourage wealth and prosperity, promoting harmony and good communication in the household in 2020.

Beside activating the positive energy in the favourable sectors, we must also take note of the unfavourable stars in order to mitigate or remedy and here are the areas:

South: Illness Star #2

East: Misfortunate Star #5

Center: Robbery and Violence Star #7

North: Quarrelsome Star #5

Let’s look at the impact of each feng shui flying stars and also the remedies or enhancer for the sector to attract positive energy and minimize the negative one.



The Victory star #1 (Water Element) resides in the Northeast (Earth Element) in 2020. It is closely related to relationship luck and achieving success in career. In 2020, for those who are in sales-related position or running your own business, you can consider to position your work desk at this position. Engage in making important sales phone call or drafting proposal for clients in this sector can attract positive influence to enjoy plenty of success luck.

Due to the destructive cycle of 5 elements (Earth destruct water), it will weaken the power of this favourable star. In resolution, you may consider placing objects belonging to metal element like trophies, metal music box or metal frame photo of your idol/mentor etc to create a positive production cycle, since Earth produces Metal and Metal produces Water, to enhance the energy of this star.

Main door in the NorthEast – Your frequency of leaving the house will increase, e.g. for travelling. You will have the support of benefactors that help in increasing your wealth luck.

Bedroom in theNorthEast – You will tend to enjoy better personal relationship with people around you. For single, it is good to start a new relationship too.

Bathroom in the NorthEast – You tend to face more problems with your relationship.

Kitchen in the NorthEast – You will tend to enjoy better personal relationship with people around you and it is good to start a new relationship too.



Look out for South (Fire Element) of your house as the unfavourable Illness Star #2 (Earth Element) has resided in this sector.

This flying star represent health problem. With the South (Fire) enhancing the unfavourable energy of the Illness Star (Earth), avoid placing any red-coloured items or tall strong plants at this sector.

You may consider placing white, gold coloured carpet or curtains at this area. You may also further disperse the negative energy with Metal element items like trophies or metal music box etc.

At the same time, the “Three Killing Stars” also reside at the South this year. It is advisable to avoid making any major renovations and minimize any activities in this area.

Main Door in the South – Family members tends to fall sick easily with minor illness like cough, fever or unwell digestive system, so expenditure in seeking medical treatment is high.

Bedroom in the South – Take care of your digestive system and be careful of accidents, especially for elderly women with gynaecology problem. Meanwhile, you may attract many evil people around you.

Bathroom in the South – There will be no much issue in health, but just close the toilet door whenever not in use.

Kitchen in the South – There will be disharmony in the family and have fertility problem. Take care of the digestive system too.

To mitigate and minimize the negative effects of this flying star, guard this sector with any objects made of metal elements like brass hu lu, brass Chinese coin or dragon turtle.


Star #3 (Wood Element) represents quarrelsome energy flies to the North (Water Element) sector this year. The negative energy tend to create disputes or misunderstanding caused by rumours, unstable emotion.

This energy will be further enhanced with the water element from the North direction. Thus avoid having any water feature or water-breed plants at this area, to further enhance the energy.

The traditional Feng Shui method of overcoming this affliction is to exhaust it with Fire Element, meaning that anything that symbolised Fire, like red colour, red crystal ball, spring festival couplets is a good cure.

In 2020, Grand Duke also resides in the North, so it is recommended  to avoid major renovations and minimize activities in this sector.

Main door at the North: You tend to have irritable temper, easily to have conflict with other people. Place a red apple or red cystal ball near the entrance to nurture peace and harmony.

Bedroom at the North: Be careful of legal entanglement or any burglary

Bathroom at the North: You will be highly affected by gossip and rumours, so close the toilet door whenever it is not used.

Kitchen at the North: Less affected by gossip but it will positively impact your academic success.



The scholastic and peach blossom star #4 (Wood Element) flies to the Southwest sector (Earth Element) in 2020. Due to the destructive cycle of 5 elements (Earth destruct water), it will also weaken the power of this favourable star. Thus avoid placing any red coloured items like red carpet, red crystal ball, etc, because this will further reduce the energy of this favourable star.

You may consider placing a water-grown bamboo plants, 4 treasures of study (文房四宝), Wen Chang Pagoda, or a green colored carpet to enhance this auspicious star.

Main Door at the SouthWest: It benefits career and academic development, especially for those in the administrative position.

Bedroom at the SouthWest: It is advantageous for travel and has a chance of increasing your fame and reputation.

Bathroom at the SouthWest: It might lead to unstable emotional state of mind that is not beneficial for academic advancement and success.

Kitchen at the SouthWest: Take extra caution for possibility of small fire or accidental scalding.


One of the most unfavourable flying stars – misfortune star #5 (Earth Element) has flied to the East sector (Wood Element) of the house. It brings along accidents, disaster, bad luck or negative energy. With the destructive energy from the Earth weaken the negative energy from this star.

Even so, still need to be aware not to any Fire element items like red colour, red crystal ball etc to enhance the energy. Likewise for Illness Star #2, you may consider to place white, gold coloured carpet or curtains at  this area. You may also further disperse the negative energy with Metal element items like trophies, Chinese emperor coin, brass hu lu or metal music box etc.

Beside that, avoid placing any moving items like water features or plants that can trigger and enhance the negative energy.

Main door at the East – Members in the household will have high probability of getting injured easily and pay extra attention for pregnant woman.

Bedroom at the East – Your luck will deteriorate with many obstacles and hurdles in this year.

Bathroom at the East – Pay extra attention to your health status especially pertaining to your urinary bladder. Always keep the toilet door closed whenever not in use.

Kitchen at the East – It will enhance the energy of this inauspicious star and cause health issues to the family. Pay more attention to food hygiene to avoid any food poisoning.


The Heavenly star #6 (Metal Element) that represents travel luck, migration, windfall luck, benefactor support, has resided in the Southeast sector (Wood Element) of the house.

Due to the destructive cycle of 5 elements (Wood destruct metal), it will weaken the power of this favourable star.  To remedy this situation, you may consider placing Earth element items like clay made teapot and etc, to create a positive production cycle (Earth produces Metal to enhance the energy of this star). You may also further enhance it with Metal element items like trophies, metal music box or even with a gold or white coloured carpet at this area.

Main door at the SouthEast – You have  chance for migration and good luck for overseas business. Beside that, this year is favorable for people who are working in the enforcement industry.

Bedroom at the SouthEast – Be sure to go out and socialise to expand your network. There is high chance that you will meet noblemen that will assist you in career advancement or business breakthrough.

Bathroom at the SouthEast – Metal is being exhausted by water so you will have no luck in gaining support and help.

Kitchen at the SouthEast – Kitchen represent fire that produce Earth and in term create metal, so it help in gaining support from benefactors.


Robbery/Burglary star #7 (Metal Element) has made its way to the Centre sector (Earth Element). It brings unexpected loss of wealth, like burglary, unnecessary spending and etc. The energy of the star has been further enhanced with the Earth element from the Centre sector, thus be prepared for any anti-burglary setup.

To disperse this negative energy, you might considered placing some water elements item like Black or Blue crystal ball or Blue Feng Shui Rhinoceros.

Main door at the Center – Regardless if it is the front or back door that is in this sector, you must be careful of burglary problem.

Bedroom at the Center – It represent good peach blossom luck, especially for the females that has the desire to attract the other half into their life.

Bathroom at the Center – You tend to have troubled love relationship and indulged in liquor/wine, neglecting your job.

Kitchen at the Center – Beware of gossip affair that can affect you. At the same time, take precaution to minimize accident.


The auspicious star – Prosperity star #8 (Earth Element) has flew to the Northwest sector (Metal Element) and both elements complement each other. There is high chance of promotion, career advancement, salary increment, business breakthrough and coupled with many good occurrences.

Consider decorating this area with red coloured items like red carpet, red crystal ball etc, to enhance this auspicious star. Beside that, you may also consider placing a water feature or fish tank to activate and boost up the auspicious energy in this space.

Main door at the NorthWest – It enhances the wealth luck and help in career advancement with plentiful of opportunities.

Bedroom at the NorthWest – It help to accumulate wealth and you will reap the reward you have worked for.

Bathroom at the NorthWest – There will be difficulties in accumulating your money and always have unexpected expenses that eat into your savings.

Kitchen at the NorthWest – It increase your fame and reputation, so this is beneficial for those who require that, for exaample, actors, blogger, youtuber and etc. Beside that, it also bring abundance and prosperity to the family.


The future prosperity star #9 (Fire Element) that bring news of joyful occasions like wedding, new birth, career promotion, new business venture and any happy events has flew to West sector (Metal Element).

Due to the destructive cycle of the Fire and Metal element, the energy of this star has weakened, so it is good to place item symbolising fire like anything in red in this sector to enhance it. However, this year is special because this star is accompanied with the residing star of 7 in the Period 8 chart, which may results destructive effects if there is an over boost of fire element.

Instead of using the production cycle, you may consider placing earth element items like clay made teapots etc to enhance this auspicious star’s energy.

Main door at the West – It brings happiness and good fortune to the family.

Bedroom at the West– It is favorable for those who are getting wedding and for married couple, your chance of a new birth is high.

Bathroom at the West – There is a sign of monetary loss and take care of your health, particularly eyes and heart problem.

Kitchen at the West – You might tend to get hot tempered easily and offend other people, so remember to be humble, think before you talk.

In a nutshell for Feng Shui Flying Stars 2020, always spend more time in the favorable sector and minimize activities / major renovations in the infavorable sectors.




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