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Does Feng Shui Say No or Yes To Placing Plants In Bedroom?

Plants can be a great decor to a living space, bring life to it. But surrounding this topic, there have been many debates and confusion about if it is good or bad Feng Shui to place plants in the bedroom. You might have heard of conflicting viewpoints from many sources and get baffled.

In this article, we will share both sides of the story. In the end, it largely depends on individual preference and comfort level. Some people might feel good with plants in their bedroom, so why not place some in this space? But in contrast, some might feel sick or uncomfortable, so just remove away from the bedroom.

3 Reasons That Plants in Bedroom are Good Feng Shui and Their Benefits

1. Act as a Natural Air Purifier

The benefit you can gain from having plants in your bedroom is that it cleans and purifies the air. It will create a fresh and clean environment for better rest and improve sleep quality.

2. Minimize Electromagnetic Radiation

Some plants like spider plant, Aloe Vera, etc can help to reduce our exposure to electromagnetic radiation. You can minimize such harmful waves by putting these plants in the bedroom.

3. Bring the Space Alive

Displaying these plants in the bedroom can help you feel more energised and reduce your stress levels by just looking at them. It can also minimize the frequency of headaches that might be caused by radiation from the electronics lying around.

feng shui plants in bedroom


Why Plants in Bedroom is Labelled as Bad Feng Shui?

1. Active Energy That is Not Suitable For Bedroom

There is a particular school of thought who believe that plants can bring in active masculine or “Yang” energy into space. Bedrooms are more suited to Yin energy, that help to create serenity for better rest and rejuvenation. It might cause difficulties in falling asleep and disturb your rest if you have plants in the bedroom.

2. Plants Give Out Carbon Dioxide at Night

Plants produce carbon dioxide at night, rather than oxygen. In the long run, it can cause harm to the occupants that are staying in the bedroom by taking away the oxygen. This is especially true for an enclosed small room with a huge plant, but the risk is minimised if the room is properly well-ventilated.

However, you might be unaware that some plants also release oxygen at night, which might be safe to be placed in the bedroom.

If you constantly have problems getting quality sleep, watch out for plants and also remove any other unwanted items in your bedroom.


If you really want to put the plants in the bedroom, test it out yourself and see if it works for you. Always remember to do it moderately to create a balanced and harmonious space to encourage a good quality sleep.




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