Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits in Feng Shui

Himalayan Salt Lamps Benefits – Feng Shui or Health?

In general, Himalayan salt lamp is considered as one of the popular natural ionizer that help to purify the air with the released negative ion that is generated during the heating process from the burning candle or warming light bulb. So this is definitely good for encouraging good health.

Based on many feng shui practices, it is believed that Himalayan salt lamp can help to draw negative chi energy and turning it into positive vibe. 

Where to Place Himalayan Salt Lamps to Benefit Home Feng Shui?

1. In Feng Shui, lighting is believed to elevate chi/energy so one of the most popular place to locate one Himalayan salt lamp is at your living room wealth corner.

2. Another common use is to place it in your bedroom on the bedside table. Beside improving your sleep quality, you can also place a rose quartz crystal beside it to enhance romance luck.

3. In general, Himalayan salt lamps is suitable to place anywhere in your house, except for those location that has moisture especially avoid placing it outdoor.

In summary, Himalayan salt lamps benefit both in health and Feng Shui too. 




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