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4 Easy and Effective Steps To DIY Feng Shui Salt Water Cure

Salt water cure is a technique that Feng Shui masters in ancient China first developed. The method involves using salt water to cleanse and purify the environment. Many use this cure for spiritual cleansing and physical cleansing. The saltwater cure helps to remove any negative energy from the environment.

In addition, the salt water cure is one of the essential items used to remove unfavourable Chi at home. Many Feng Shui practitioners widely use it in their annual audits. In addition, they use this particular cure to mitigate the negative energy of the Annual/Natal Flying stars of #2 (Illness star) and #5 (Misfortune star). Therefore, many people will place it in the affected sectors of your house/room.

How Does The Salt Water Cure Work?

His Feng Shui cure incorporates the cleansing effects of salt and water with the chemical reaction between the six metal Chinese coins belonging to the Metal element and the salt.

As a result, this cure will enhance the metal element used to reduce the negative energy effect of flying stars #2 and #5 that belongs to the Earth element based on the exhaustive cycle.

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How to DIY The Salt Water Cure?

Here are the items required:

1. Rock Salt (Preferably high-quality type)

2. Container (It should be made of metal, glass or porcelain). Do not use those made from plastic.

3. Six Chinese Coin made of brass (It must belong to the best Chinese dynasty emperor name)

4. Water (To be filled to 3/4 of the container)

5. A table mat (For protection purposes)

What Is The Procedure to Make The Cure?

Step 1: Fill the container with the salt to around 3/4 full.

Step 2: Place the 6 Chinese coins on the salt in a circle. Ensure that the coins are facing up with the Yang side (side with 4 Chinese characters)

Step 3: Fill the container with water, and it will be advisable to place a mat under the container to protect your furniture or flooring.

Step 4: Place this salt water cure in the sectors of this house where the flying star #2 and #5 landed.

How Do You Maintain the Salt Water Cure?

1. Always ensure that the water is topped up.

2. Do not cover the container or place it in a closed cupboard. It should always be open.

3. This cure will form crystals after a period that might differ in each situation. However, if you see crystal forming, it shows that the cure works well to absorb the negative energy.

You might also be interested in checking out our DIY step-by-step guide in this video.

YouTube video

How To Dispose The Salt Water Cure After Use?

Once too much salt has accumulated in the container, it is time to dispose of it and replace it with a new one. It is because it has already absorbed too much negative energy and might not be effective anymore. Therefore, it is good to discard all the items away instead of recycling or cleaning them.

Besides this salt water cure, there are other Feng Shui Metal element cures too. They are the six hollow metal rod wind chimes, brass Wu Lou (Chinese gourd), and metal bells.



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