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Bedside Table Feng Shui Tips To Create a Harmonious Bedroom

Whenever coming to bedroom Feng Shui, the focal point will always be the placement of the bed and your favorable sleeping direction. Bedside tables are often neglected, but every furniture in the bedroom plays a part in creating a good Feng Shui room.

Here are some approaches to Bedside table Feng Shui:

1. Say Bye to the Clutter

A messy bedside table is closely associated with a cluttered mind. It is advisable to clear any unnecessary items like electronic equipment, clothes, toys, or any random objects away from the table. This action will help to create a clutter less and serene environment to improve your sleep quality.

2. The Right Choice of Bed Side Table Matters

The most ideal choice is a bedside table design with round corners. This will minimize any accident that might be inflicted by the sharp corners. It will create a poison arrow that causes bad energy if directed at your face.

3. Correct Height

How do you feel if your bedside table is higher than you? Will you feel oppressed? It is recommended that the table should not be higher than the height of the mattress on the bed.

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4. Make it a Double to create Symmetry and Balance

It is believed that having one bedside table can negatively affect the balance of energy in your romance life. You can consider having two identical bedside tables to create a harmonized space to improve your relationship luck.

It might be a challenging task for some people that have limited space in their bedroom. The room can only accommodate one bed and no space for the bedside table. It is also impractical to squeeze the table just to adhere to this Feng Shui rule and might make things worse.

Don’t fret, just ensure that your bed follows the good Feng Shui principle and is placed in the optimal command position.




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