One of the most common feng shui problem people are facing is about the alignment or placement of both interior and main door and it will affect the energy of your home. Since this is the main concern with a lot of houses, let’s look into some easy Feng Shui solutions for the scenario below.

Two Door Direct ALignment

1. Door to Door Direct Facing (門对門)

This is a very common problem that most of the house are having because of the lack of space, especially in HDB flat.

We must understand the reason why door facing directly another door is considered as bad Feng Shui. You might already know that Feng Shui is all about creating a balanced and harmonious flow of energy within your home, so if you have two or more doors facing each other directly, it will hence generate a bad quality of feng shui or negative energy, also know as Sha Chi when the 2 energy flow clash. 

Effect: There will bound to be a lot of argument or disharmony in the family, especially the 2 family members that are living in the rooms where the door are affected.

Remedy: Change the opening of the door or put a door curtain and must cover up to the knee.

bedroom door facing main door

2. Main Door Facing Bedroom is a NO NO

Effect: If your main door is facing your bedroom, this is considered a house that is always lack of wealth luck and if the hostile flying star hit on the sector that is affected, the impact will be doubled.

Remedy: Place a divider between the 2 door to block the “qi” to flow straight into the room.

three door feng shui

3. 品”字门 is a Feng Shui Taboo

If you have 2 door facing each other, it is already so bad, just imagine that you have the energy of 3 doors clashing together, it will be worse.

Effect: It will cause disharmony in the family and will trigger argument even over the trivial matters.

 Solution: Change the opening direction of one door or use a door curtain to cover the door. 


4. 哭字門 – Two door constructed on the same wall

Effect: Bring poor fortune luck as crying symbolise bad happenings

Remedy: To remove one of the door or convert it into a invisible door.

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