How To Use Arowana Fish in Feng Shui For Good Money Luck?

The Arowana fish, widely known as the golden dragon by the Chinese, is regarded as a good luck symbol to bring wealth and prosperity luck. Therefore, individuals have always sought it in their homes or office to attract money luck into their lives and businesses.

Some people who are fish lovers and have space in their office/house for an aquarium will choose to rear living Arowana. However, some people will prefer to get Arowana as art and decor due to space constraints or no maintenance required.

If you choose to have Arowana fish at home, there are some basic Feng Shui placement principles to follow for the best result.

Where Should I Place The Arowana Fish For Good Feng Shui?

1. Since it is a symbol of wealth to enhance your income luck, the best place is to position it at the wealth corner. It is the location that is diagonally (45 degrees) to the main entrance of your home or office.

2. It is also suitable to be placed in a prominent area like a living room. Remember to avoid facing the head of the Arowana fish towards the windows because it symbolises the leaking of wealth luck.

3. Find your Sheng Chi location by using your Kua number and position the fish coming from this direction. It helps to maximise your money and windfall luck.

4. In office space, you can place this symbol on the North of your working desk for personal growth and welcoming opportunities in your career. It also allows you to stand up and shine among your peers for promotion and recognition.

5. Place it near a water fountain to enhance wealth luck.

Arowana fish feng shui


Where Should I Avoid Placing The Arowana Fish For Good Feng Shui?

Placing a fish tank at home can be a double-edged sword if you don’t have the know-how. It can bring you good things with the correct placement and bad things with the wrong one. Avoid placing the aquarium in the afflicted sector with flying stars #5 yellow and #2 black. The movement of the water will activate the unfavourable energies, causing health issues, illness and monetary loss.

If you are rearing living Arowana fish, do not place it in your bedroom or kitchen. It can cause money issues and health problems too.

How Many Arowana Fish Should I Have For Good Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui, water symbolizes wealth. Hence, most Chinese believe that owning a fish aquarium with eight or nine fishes at home brings tremendous wealth, luck, and fortune. The lucky fishes are Arowana fish, goldfish or koi carp fish.

The number 8 sounds like prosperity, and nine sounds long-lasting in Cantonese. Therefore, many people consider these two numbers the luckiest numbers with auspicious meaning.

I hope you benefit from learning these Arowana Feng Shui tips and use this auspicious symbol to improve your wealth luck.


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