House Cleansing Tips For A Good Feng Shui Home

4 House Cleansing Tips to Flourish Good Feng Shui in Your House

House cleansing plays an important role in creating a good Feng Shui home. This is because Feng Shui is all about harnessing good energy, also known as “Chi”. We are trying to use this process to replace the old or stagnant energy with the rejuvenating and positive new energy. Besides bringing positive changes to your home, it also brings benefits to your physical and mental well-being.

It is recommended to perform a house cleansing at least once a year, mostly during the Chinese New Year period. There are other situations that you can clear the negative energy too.

When You Should Use Home Cleansing?

1. Moving into a new house to clear the energies belong to the previous owners

2. Occupants in the household are having too much arguments and disagreement

3. Feeling Down on luck and facing obstacles in whatever you do.

4. The beginning of a new year to welcome new and positive energy for the upcoming year

5. If you sense any unwelcome presence in the house

6. After unhappy events like divorce, miscarriage, passing on of family members and others

What are the Different Methods of Home Cleansing?

1. Buring Sage Cleansing

Burning sage is one of the most effective methods to clear away negative energy that is accumulated in your home. Open the windows inside your home. Similarly to the benefits of the Himalayan lamp, the burning sage also releases a negative ion into the air that can cleanse a space naturally.

House Cleansing For A Good Feng Shui Home


How to use a burning sage?

– After lighting up a sage, you need to walk the perimeter of the room, covering all corners and tracing the outline of the room, and this process continues until you have covered the whole house.

– If your sage kit come with a feather, wave it to smoke the area that you want to.

– After covering all areas, you can leave it outdoor.

– Finally, burn something with a sweet scent to fill the space with sweetness.

feng shui salt water cure diy

2. Salt Water Cure

The salt water cure is a popular and effective Feng Shui cure that helps remove the negative energy in one person’s home. It combines the purifying effects of the salt and water, together with Chinese Coins that belong to the Metal element.

It is also commonly used to neutralize the negative effects of the annual Feng Shui flying star #2 and #5.

3. Singing Bowl

Beside using a singing bowl to cleanse crystals, it is also an effective tool. It helps to disperse stagnant and stuck energy with the sound produced when the mallet is struck upon the bowl.

You might be interested to find out more at Singing Bowl for Mediation, Feng Shui and Cleansing.

4. Crystals

You can also consider using crystals to cleanse the energy of your house or even your own energy. If you are crystal lovers, you definitely know that crystals have their own vibrations and energy. Crystals like purple amethyst, selenite, and white/clear quartz are very effective for cleansing negative energy.




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