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Wu Lou Gourd Feng Shui Placement and Meaning For Good Health

The Wu Lou (Hu Lu) gourd or natural calabash is an effective cure you can use to mitigate several Feng Shui challenges. Many practitioners have used this remedy to enhance health luck and ward off unfavourable energy / Sha Qi in your home or office.

You can use a it in many ways to attract good Feng Shui by knowing your intentions and choosing the co-related sectors for activation. First, let’s understand the meaning and symbolism.

Wu Lou Meanings and Symbolism in Feng Shui

The Wu Lou is associated with many auspicious meanings of prosperity, good health, longevity, and wealth. You can always see Feng Shui products illustrated together with this symbol. For example, a dragon turtleback carrying a Wu Lou symbolises bringing good fortune to the beholder. So it is good to know the meaning and placement guidelines before getting one for your house.


Wu Lou Feng Shui Placement Based on Your Intention

You can use and display a Wu Lou in your home or office for good Feng Shui. However, it all depends on what you want to achieve in life.

1. Feng Shui Cures for Flying Star #2 and #5

Many practitioners advise using a brass Wu Lou as a metal cure for the natal or annual Flying Star #2, known as the illness star. You can place it in the afflicted sector to neutralize the unfavourable energy from this hostile star. In addition, metal weakens the Earth element in the weakening cycle, so a metal type makes a perfect Feng Shui remedy in this situation.

Similar to the rationale behind the weakening cycle of Flying Star #2, anything made of metal is a suitable cure for Flying Star #5, known as the star of misfortune. You can place or hang a string of Chinese coins attached with a brass Wu Lou to enhance the metal element and further weaken the negative energies.

2. Protection Against People with ill Intentions

Placing a black obsidian Wu Lou on your work desk can help fend off people with ill intentions or any negative energies. Alternatively, you can also wear or carry any obsidian jewellery with the shape of a Hu Lu at all times.

3. Use Wu Lou To Enhance Health Condition

According to your Kua number, display it in the Tien Yi position or Health corner in the bedroom to improve individual health luck.

If you or a close family member has fallen sick, place this symbol next to their bedside or hang it on the headboard to speed up the recovery.

However, if you are looking to enhance health luck for the whole household, place one in the east sector of the living room. This sector is known as the “universal health luck corner.”

4. Improve Wealth Luck and Attract Abundance

Even though Wu Lou is closed related to promoting good health, some people also use it as a wealth symbol. It is because the top of the Wu Lou is narrow, and the bottom is wide. This shape symbolizes attracting and accumulating wealth.



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