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Read The Marriage Line On Palm To Uncover The Type of Partner

The marriage line on the palm is also well known as the line of relationship or romance. It reveals and uncovers many secrets of your love relationship. It can reflect the duration, attitude, quantity, quality and even if he is a foreigner, older or younger than you. In this article, let’s unveil the type of partner you are likely to be attracted to.

Take a look at both of your palms and check the result now!

marriage line on palm


1. Marriage Line on Palm is Aligned Together at The Same Height

You are intelligent and well-organized, always ensuring everything follows your plan, so you dislike anything out of the sudden unplanned. But don’t be too hard on yourself because it can be more fun sometimes by doing things out of the plan. In term of relationship, you are gentle and sensitive love partner with good common sense. You might get married to someone that is approved by everyone and enjoy a blissful marriage.

marriage line on palm - left higher

2. Marriage Line on Left Palm is Higher Than The Right

You are the someone that is aggressive and loves taking up challenges. Fiery or passionate kind of love is your type of tea. The probability of getting hitched with someone younger or foreigner is higher. Your criteria of your partner are usually those with good looks.
marriage line on palm - right higher


3. Marriage Line on Right Palm is Higher Than The Left

You are highly liked by older people and might be married to someone of an older age. You are someone that always does the things you think it is right and do not care or bother about what other people think of you.

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