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Feng Shui Tips For a Blissful Marriage

Marriage is one of the most important lifelong matter in our life, so we must not treat it lightly when coming to renovating our house for this new beginning. Good Feng Shui in your house decoration will bring you a blissful and happy marriage so what are them?

14 MUST SEE Feng Shui Dos and Don’ts for a Happy Marriage

1. Do not have a mirror directly facing the bed

2. Do not store things under your bed and keep it clean and free of clutter.

3. Do not have more than one beds in the master bedroom because it can easily attract third party in the relationship

4. Avoid placing plants with thorns, like roses in the bedroom as it will affect the relationship.

5. If you have a main door that is directly facing the master bedroom door, you should position a divider to block it.

6. Avoid painting your bedroom in pink colour. You might be also interested to see our previous post on the colour to be avoided in home Feng Shui

7.房中房 (room inside a room) design should not be considered in your bedroom because it symbolize that one of the party might have another family outside.

room in room


 8. Do not have beam above your bed because it will add stress to the relationship. This is a very common taboo to take note for home Feng shui, it does not apply for bedroom, it apply for your wealth position too.

9. In the recent years, it is very common for couple to join 2 mattress or bed. This is not advisable and you should get a complete queen size or king size bed.

10. Do not have withered or fake flowers in the room.

11. Refrain from hanging portraits painting, especially another person portrait photos or sex erotic painting.

12. Remove any sharp decorative objects such as horns, sword, knives, spear, gun and others because it can hurt the relationship.

13. Do not sleep on water bed because it cause instability in the couple relationship.

14. Do not hang your wedding portrait directly on top of your bed frame.




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