The one-dollar coin has came into circulation at the time of the MRT construction on the island.  Reverend Hong was an expert at feng shui and after taking lots of readings he said that the proposed constellation of MRTs tunnels and the huge amount of metal being driven deep into the Singapore bed rock would sever Singapore’s Dragon Vein which is very bad for the nation.   Reverend Hong then offered the following advice: “If you want to continue with project, then you must give every Singaporean household – Indian, Malay, Eurasian, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim – every single one of them a Chinese Ba Gua. Or else Singapore will sink.”

How can every household own a Chinese Ba Gua without touching the sensitivity of race?  Well, an ingenious idea then struck, and hence Singapore $1 coin is born!

Another similar theory is also used on our Road Tax: If you recall, it used to be round and now, it’s octagonal and it is definitely displayed.

Singapore Road Tax Coin Feng Shui

Watch what the Taiwan Feng Shui Master has to talk about the Singapore $1 Coin

Interesting much?  Myth or not? It’s up to the individual to analyse and digest.

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