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Knowing Meaning of Numbers in The East

In the East, we all understand that the symbolism of numbers applies to a whole lot of situations and emblems. But when interpreting the meaning the meanings of the numbers, bear in mind that it is important to know that the meanings differ in different regions and also depending on the dialect. In Feng Shui, all even numbers (2,4,6…) are counted as Ying and all uneven numbers (1,3,5,…) as Yang. Let’s start to decipher the number one by one now. One In the Eastern or Chinese culture, the number one stands for loneliness and back luck, for authority. But one...

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Duo Residence Overcoming Bad Feng Shui Caused By The Gateway

There is no way to not recognize the four weird thing next to Bugis Junction: The art deco style Parkview Square which looks like a building transported from Gotham City to Singapore accidentally, 2 sharp edge buildings of The Gateway and a large empty land sitting idle between those despite its excellent location for development. It is rumored that no Singaporean developer is showing interest to this site because of the bad feng shui caused by the sharp edges of The Gateway buildings. For the same reason, you can expect the sites on the other sharp edges of The Gateway Buildings (Gateway East...

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What Makes a Good Feng Shui Consultant?

Are you looking for a Feng Shui consultant for house auditing or any Feng Shui related jobs? Here are some should or shouldn’t do list to take note during your hunting. A Professional Feng Shui Consultant should NEVER: Grade Your Customers according base on their financial status. Sell unnecessary items for personal benefits. Disclose customer information’s with third parties. Comes with Evil Intentions on others. Bad-mouthing or spreading rumors about others. A Professional Feng Shui Consultant SHOULD: Be upright, selfless, dedicated and honest in all dealings. Have principles of good practice. Listen and respect their clients’ views by allowing...

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Moving Home in a Feng Shui Way

Advertisement You might be excited when moving into a new house, but you must always ensure to do it in a Feng Shui way. Want to clear the space and the possibly negative chi of the previous owner? Even if the home is brand new, there is still a need to use Feng Shui to ensure that your stay is a harmonious and auspicious tenure. Moving home indicate a fresh new start beginning so it is very important to have an auspicious start (乔迁之喜). Under-mentioned are some do’s and don’ts when moving house. 11 Do’s and Don’ts Feng Shui...

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8 MUST SEE Feng Shui Taboos For Your Home Entrance (With Illustrations)

In the Feng Shui world, we have a very important factor in our house that we must take care of which is <玄关> (it means the entrance of the house). This is because the entrance play an significant role which determine the household luck. If you have a good Feng Shui at the entrance, you will be receiving good luck and vice versa, you will receive bad luck, so you must pay extra attention. In this article, we will unveil the taboos that you must avoid to have good Feng Shui and of course good luck rolling in. 1....

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