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Top 7 Must See Kitchen Feng Shui Taboos

In the previous posts in Feng Shui taboos in Bedroom and Dining Hall, today we will cover on the next important part of the home – Kitchen. 7 Feng Shui Kitchen Taboo to Avoid – MUST READ! 1. Kitchen door must not be facing directly to the house main door (穿堂煞) – Based on 《阳宅三要》- “开门见灶,钱财多耗”, if you have this type of configuration, it will affect the health of the lady master of the house and also cause monetary loss. If you meet with this pattern, the only way is to change the position of the door opening. 2. Kitchen door must...

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15 MUST READ Taboos for First Day of Lunar New Year

In out Chinese tradition and culture, there are a lot of do’s and don’ts during the period of Lunar New Year. You might have heard it from your parents or the elders before but have forgetten and here you are – 15 Taboos for Lunar New Year first day. There is always a phrase that goes “To be safe than to be sorry”, so believe it or not, it is still up to you! A good guide for the upcoming Chinese New Year 15 Taboos for Lunar New Year First Day 1. Married women cannot go back to their...

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风水有关系 家中运势就靠大门 22 December 2012

Highlights of Feng Shui Tips and Tricks in This Episode 1. Take note of the main door Feng Shui as it determine the overall luck for the people staying inside. 2. If you have a loose door knob, you should change it because it will cause family relationship problem. 3. If your door has cracks or paint drop off, it will easily attract accident and injuries in the family. 4. Which door facing is a plus point for which Zodiac? – South facing (element of fire): suitable for zodiac of horse, snake, ox, dragon, goat and dog – North facing (element of water): suitable for zodiac of pig, rat, tiger and rabbit. – West facing (element of metal): suitable for zodiac of monkey, rooster, pig and rat – East facing (element of wood): suitable for zodiac of tiger, rat, snake and horse. 5. How to position your Feng Shui artifacts in the correct position to attract wealth? – Mi Le Buddha: To be placed in the location 45 degrees (wealth place) from the main door and it help to preserve and increase wealth. – Pi Xiu: To be in a position that is facing the main door. It symbolize going out to get money. 6. If your sofa has windows behind, it will give a feeling of insecurity and family members tend to go out more often than staying...

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2014 Chinese Horoscope For the Year of Horse By Master Kevin Foong

2014 Chinese Horoscope For the Year of Horse Rat Years of Rat: 1900, 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008 Your birthday must be after 4 February (Li Chun on Chinese Calendar), else your Chinese horoscope should be Pig and not Rat. For those born in the year of Rat, there will be clashes in 2014 Horse Year. Horse and Rat do not get along well and exhibit signs of quarrel and dispute. There will be conflict, mental stress and dispute for the Rat people in 2014. You will have challenges in your career. Argument with your...

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4 MUST Read Dining Hall Feng Shui Taboos Unveiled (With illustrations)

4 Dining Hall Feng Shui Taboos to Take Note In this modern world, having a dining hall in our home is absolutely inevitable. In the dining hall, every areas and segments occupied a very important position. The Feng Shui in the dining hall also affects the entire family fortune and the relationship between husband and wife. In the view of geomancy, there are some taboos to take note for the dining hall and the slightest mistake could result in monetary loss or affecting the health, so please take care of them. If you have a dining hall, it will be...

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