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7 Essential Feng Shui Air Conditioner Tips Before Installing

Nowadays, 2 out of 3 households will have an air conditioner, especially for those living in the city area. Air conditioners are an efficient and quick way to keep your home cool and comfortable, but they can also disrupt the energy flow in your home, so it is vital to place your air conditioner in the right place. Doing so can maximize the positive energy in your home and minimize any negative energy.

However, you might be arguing that air con is unavailable in the olden day, so why is Feng Shui involved? Yes, you are partially correct, so this article will discuss how to position your air conditioner for optimal feng shui. In addition, we will look at some Feng Shui air conditioner guidelines too.

1. Don’t Install Air Conditioner Above Bed

Have you ever woken up feeling cold and dizzy? It might be because your air con is installed directly above your head while sleeping. The gush of cold air blowing straight into your head can cause a person to feel uncomfortable and even lead to fatigue.

Therefore, installing an air con directly above your head while sleeping can cause discomfort and affect sleep quality. In addition, it can also make your bed dirty when cleaning and servicing.

2. No Air Conditioner Above Sofa

Installing an air conditioner above your sofa can be a bad idea in the eye of Feng Shui. According to the principles of Feng Shui, you should ideally have a solid wall behind the sofa to bring luck and good vibes to the person sitting there. It symbolises the benefactor’s support, so if you have air-con at this position, it will affect your career luck.

On the other hand, installing an air conditioner above your sofa will disrupt the energy flow and make the person sitting below uncomfortable.

3. Don’t Install Air Conditioner Above Door For Good Feng Shui

Installing an air conditioner above the door is a common mistake many people make. It can cause stress and discomfort and bring negative energy into your home, according to Feng Shui principles.

Air conditioners installed too close to the door can create a feeling of heaviness, which can impede positive energy flow in your home. Furthermore, it can also cause difficulty in relationships, money problems, and health issues.

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4. No Used/Second Hand Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are essential for comfort and health in a home, but many people tend to keep the old air con when buying a second-hand house to save some cost. However, changing the air con as soon as possible is advisable due to potential health risks. Old air cons can be inefficient, noisy, and harbour contaminants that can cause respiratory problems or allergies.

Furthermore, they can also increase energy bills due to their poor efficiency. Therefore, replacing the old air con with a new one with better performance and reliability is essential.

5. Avoid Air Conditioner Above Feng Shui Weath Position

The wealth position is typically located in the upper left corner of a room from the perspective of someone standing at the entrance. Placing an air conditioner here can disrupt positive energy flow and lead to financial losses. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider Feng Shui principles when considering where to place your air conditioner to ensure prosperity and success.

6. Air Conditioner In Dining Area is Undesirable

Feng shui and hygiene are two important considerations when placing air conditioners in your home. Having an air conditioner in the dining area can be detrimental to both, as it can create an uncomfortable dining environment and spread dust and allergens throughout the room.

Therefore, it is best to avoid having an air conditioner in the dining area for optimal feng shui and hygiene.

6. No Air Con in Kitchen Please

It is important to remember that air conditioning systems should not be installed in the kitchen, especially near the stove. Although this may seem common sense, it is vital to reiterate the potential risks associated with a cooling system in such a warm environment.

Not only can this create an uncomfortable cooking experience, but it can also lead to potential safety hazards such as fires or electrical shocks.

Therefore, you should avoid installing an air conditioner in the kitchen, and if necessary, you should consider alternative cooling methods.

7. Avoid Air Con Blowing Towards Main Door

Air conditioning is essential to modern life, but it’s important to place the unit in the proper position. For example, placing it facing the main door could do more harm than good. The main entrance acts as a mouth for energy to flow into your house, so having your air-con unit will only increase energy costs and reduce efficiency.

In the eyes of Feng Shui, if you have such a situation, the Chi cannot be accumulated and will negatively affect your wealth and fortune luck.



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