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Amethyst Crystal Tree For Good Feng Shui (6 Best Placements)

Most people have heard of amethyst crystals; however, few know they have a special meaning and significance. It is one of the most well-loved crystals in today’s society due to its beauty and ability to grow into different shapes, such as a tree.

What Does The Amethyst Crystal Tree Do?

Amethyst crystals have been around for centuries. Many like to use these healing crystals in metaphysical practices, such as crystal healing, energy work, and even aromatherapy. Amethyst crystal trees are specially shaped amethyst crystals that can use to cleanse and heal the environment with their powerful energy.

The Amethyst crystal tree comprises a powerful and protective stone with the healing properties of calming one’s mind. It is also considered a good luck symbol of wealth and wisdom. Besides that, this gem helps with insomnia and also enhances memory. It also has the healing properties of removing anger and anxiety.

You can place this amethyst crystal tree in certain areas of your house for good Feng Shui. This gem tree can help bring good luck and growth into your life by putting it in the right place.

Benefits of Amethyst Crystal Tree

An amethyst crystal tree can be an excellent addition to bring good energy vibes into the living space. Amethyst is a crystal effective for its calming and protective properties. Therefore, it has some benefits for the occupants of the house.

Calming Effect – Amethyst is associated with tranquillity and can create calming energy that helps create a peaceful atmosphere in your space. You can place an amethyst crystal tree where you want a sense of calmness, such as meditation areas promoting relaxation and balance.

Help To Improve Mental and Emotional Condition – If you need to improve your emotional and mental well-being, incorporate the Amethyst crystal tree into your living space, as it is known for its healing properties. The energy of this natural stone can help alleviate stress, encourage clarity of thought, and strike an emotional balance. Therefore, place an amethyst crystal tree in areas where you spend a significant amount of time.

Amplifying Positive Intentions – Purple amethyst can magnify your positive intentions. You can enhance the manifestation of your desires and attract positive outcomes by using the crystal to focus your thoughts and intentions.


Where To Place Amethyst Crystal Tree For Good Feng Shui?

The optimal placement of this tree would depend on your intention and aim as a Feng Shui cure or enhancer. Therefore, before you even purchase it, it is good to consider your purpose first.

1. Working Desk To Increase Productivity

Whether working from home or in the office, it is good to place this crystal tree on your work or study desk. It helps to enhance your memory and better concentrate on your work.

2. Place at Wen Chang Area Of The House 

For those still pursuing academic studies, you should place it in the Wen Chang sector, which symbolizes wisdom/self-growth. Then, you can leverage the energy to increase scholastic luck and success in academic advancement.

3. Use The Love Corner

You can place it in the southwest corner of your bedroom to enhance love and romance relationship luck.

4. Attract Benefactors with Bagua Map

The Feng Shui Bagua map shows that the northwest sector represents the nobleman. Display an amethyst crystal tree in this sector is said to help you gain support from influential people in your career or business.

5. Display The Amethyst Crystal Tree At The Money Corner

Place one at your home’s wealth corner or the main foyer to attract wealth luck. It will be especially effective by using a citrine crystal money tree.

6. Use It For Beauty Sleep

Placing this tree near your sleeping space enables you to achieve a night of restful and rejuvenating sleep.


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