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What Is Back Door Feng Shui, And Why Is It So Important To Your House?

Most of us might already know that Feng Shui emphasizes at the front entrance of a house. But do you know that the back door also plays a vital role in the energy flow circulation? The main door, the mouth of Chi is the gateway of incoming energy, while the back door is the outflowing. To tap and harness the positive vibes in the house, energy at both parts must be balanced.

A back door does not necessarily refer to a door. It can be a balcony window, garage entry, or any side doors that are leading to the outside world.

Tips To Feng Shui A Good Back Door For Postive Energy

1. The main entrance door must be the most prominent of all doors in the house. Your back door should not be bigger than the main door.

2. The back door should not be cluttered or blocked because it can create stagnant energy that is harmful. Shift or remove any obstacles to ensure that the door is able to be opened with no blockage.

3. The back door should be well maintained and must not be damaged. If not, it can cause wealth leakage.

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Do not block your main or back door with clutter


Is It Bad Feng Shui To See The Back Door From The Front Door?

It is advisable to avoid aligning the front door with the back door because the energy will gush out too quickly. Good energy cannot be accumulated in such a situation, so it is good to place a divider in any space between the 2 doors. This will allow the energy to flow in a curved manner to the other parts of the house.

Besides that, you can also position a tall plant in the pathway between the front and back door to redirect the energy flow.

Take these back door Feng Shui tips into consideration if you are planning to change your house or a major renovation.




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