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The Ultimate Guide To Furniture Placement In Feng Shui (Room by Room)

In some schools of thought and practices, Feng Shui is closely associated with the art of organization and placement at home. The placement of furniture plays a vital role in encouraging good Chi energy movement in your house. Besides taking care of Feng Shui, we must also take care of the functionality and aesthetic too.

Furniture Placement for Good Feng Shui in Each Rooms

1. Living room

In the living hall, the main furniture is inevitably the sofa. The optimal position of the couch is to lean it against a solid wall for support. This location can also give you a feeling of security and will not be startled by a sudden movement at your back. It is best to avoid floating the sofa in the center of the room because it can cause people to be edgy.

Avoid locating your sofa in front of the windows because it obstructs energy from entering the room. It also restricts your view outside that symbolized blocked opportunities.

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2. Bedroom

The biggest piece of furniture in the bedroom is obviously the bed. Similar to the sofa placement rules, the headboard of the bed should be anchored against the wall for support. Besides that, it is optimal to locate the bed in the command position where you have a view of the door. It helps to create a harmonious haven to rest and rejuvenate for a better sleep.

3. Dining room

A dining area is a place for the family members to gather, so it is best to avoid tucking the table against the wall. It gives people a bad first impression and an uninviting feeling. This is a space to consume our meals, so it is highly recommended to shift the dining table so that it will not face the toilet. It will make people lost appetite and also cause hygiene issues.

4. Home Office/ Study Room

It has been a new norm for people to work from home nowadays and in the future. So it is important to emphasize the placement of the work desk/chair to attract positive vibes in this home office environment. The preferred position for the desk is in the commanding position where you can see the door. Alternatively, you can also sit facing your favorable direction based on your personal Kua number.

Here are some of the undesired desk placements to avoid:

– Back facing the door/windows
– Directly facing the door
– Facing the wall
– Sitting under the beam

Besides adopting good furniture placement for good Feng Shui, the size does matter too. It should also be proportional to the room and not oversized.



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