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Coronavirus – Feng Shui Tips You Should Know

Coronavirus has been sweeping the world with exponential increase in affected cases everday, despite the great effort of the medical personnel. WHO has already declared coronovirus to be a global health emergency, so we must do our due dilligence to protect ourselves and loved ones against this virus.

Beside following the guidelines from WHO, here are some Feng Shui tips to keep yourself and loved ones safe in this harsh situation.

Feng Shui Tips To Stay Safe From Corona Virus

1. Identify the South Sector of Your House

Based on the annual flying star 2020, the unfavorable star #2, also known as the the illness two black star has resided in the south sector this year. Therefore it is essential for us to locate this southern sector and minimize the activities in this area.

2. Keep the South Sector Clean and Free of Clutter

Apart from reducing the activities, it is also good to keep this space spick and span to minimize the negative energy of this illness star.


3. Add Metal Element to the South Sector

In order to reduce the negative effect of this illness star, you can considered placing metallic objects in this sector, for example windchimes, pendulum clock, brass hu lu or any other items that belongs to the metal element. Avoid anything red in this sector.

4. Promote Good Health Energy in The East

Beside mitigating the negative effects of the unfavorable stars, you can also consider boosting the positive energy by bringing the nature into the East. Lucky bamboo or any lucky green plants are great choice to improve the energy in this area.

5. Take Extra Caution for These 3 Zodiac Signs

If you belong to any of these 3 zodiac signs namely, Monkey, Dog and Pig, health will be your top priority this year. Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Hope you have benefit from these Feng Shui tips and measures to protect yourself and loved ones from Coronavirus. Applying these Feng Shui tips can help you in some ways, but always approach the medical professional for assistance if you show any symptom of the disease.




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