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Things to Look Out For When Engaging Feng Shui Consultant or Master

Are you looking for a Feng Shui consultant or master to audit your house or any Feng Shui related jobs? Here are some key considerations that you should take note before you engage one.

What makes a professional Feng Shui Consultant?

– They should have an expertise in at least one of the ancient art tool, for example, BaZi, Zi Wei Dou Shu, etc. It is because a good consultant should look into the owners birth chart and tailor the house to suit them, instead of the other way. 

– It should be a 2 way mutual engagement in the house audit process. A good consultant listen and respect their clients’ views by allowing them to be completely involved in decision making. The client should not feel that they are being forced to do something they don’t like. Bear this in mind: you are the one who will be living in the house, so you must feel good and comfortable.

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What makes an unprofessional Feng Shui Consultant?

– Upselling or promoting unnecessary items at ridiculously high price for their personal benefits and make money out of it. They will usually use scare tactic with threatening or negative words, for example, if you don’t buy this item, something bad will happen.

– Disclosing client’s information with third parties

– Bad-mouthing and spreading rumors about other schools of teaching. This display their unprofessionalism and unethical behavior

– Grading their customer based on their financial status

In conclusion, in your search for a professional Feng Shui consultant, affinity counts. Age of the consultant or the price does not matter.

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OthersThings to Look Out For When Engaging Feng Shui Consultant or Master