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4 Effective Ways To Use Good Feng Shui Plants To Counter Negative Energy

Everyone knows that certain lucky plants, like jade plant, money plant can bring good fortune to the household. But do you know plants can minimise the negative energy created by Sha Qi, also known as poison arrows? This unfavourable energy is caused by external structure or internal fittings, so let’s figure out how we can use plants to mitigate each situation.

1. Main Door in an Unfavourable Location

In Feng Shui, the main door plays a significant role in attracting good energy. If it was at a poor location and no way to alter that, you can use hydroponic plants in this space. It can help to improve your luck and minimise any negative vibes.

Recommended Plant: Lucky Bamboo, Chinese Evergreen

2. Kitchen Door Facing the Toilet Door

The kitchen belongs to the fire element, while the toilet belongs to the water element. There is a clash in the elements that can lead to disharmony in the household. This situation will cause mood swings and illness in the household members. It is good to place or hang a pot of plants on either sides of the door corners in the kitchen or toilet.

good feng shui plants in bathroom


3. Facing Unfavourable Exterior Energy

If you are facing a T-junction, pointed protruding corners from neighbouring building structures when looking out of your balcony or house, placing a cactus might help. Cactus might not be recommended as an indoor Feng Shui plants but it can be placed in balcony to mitigate such situation

4. Main Door Facing The Windows

It is a common belief that if the air entering through the main door rushes out of the windows; it causes a phenomenon of wealth leakage. Some practitioners will suggest placing a divider screen in front of the door in order to divert the flow. If such solution is not workable due to space limitation, you can use a tall and leafy plant as a replacement.

Besides helping to mitigate with negative energy in Feng Shui, plants can also act as an air purifier to clean the air.




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