Hand Itching Superstition

Weird Facts You Didn’t Know About Right Or Left Hand Itching Superstition

Superstitions are widely scattered around the globe and have been deeply rooted in different culture. In the Asian countries, there are exceptionally more such beliefs. The most common ones are eye twitching or itchy ear and there are hints behind this phenomenon.

But have you heard about left or right hand itching that brings you windfall luck to strike lottery? However, when that happens, you should not rule out any medical issue too, especially if the situation persists for a period. It can be a serious medical condition and not just a hand itching superstition.

What does it mean if your right-hand itch?

It is believed that an itchy right hand hint you the possibility of unexpected windfall luck and incoming wealth. You will receive money from any investment, striking a lottery, winning at the casino. If you are planning to make some investment, do it at this point in time. However, this does not make up financial advice. 

There are belief that the meaning behind an itchy hand differs between the male and the female. A male with right itchy hand symbolises good fortune is coming, while it does not bode well for a female.

What does it mean if your left-hand itch?

It is a completely different story if your left hand is itching because it foretells bad luck, especially when coming to finance matters. Take it as a sign of precaution before you make any major financial decision or investment.

In contrast, itching hand on female left hand brings good luck instead.

left hand itching supersition


How about both hands are itching?

You are in the mode of giving and receiving. You have a balanced energy in all aspects of life and enjoy a smooth sailing journey with little obstacles.

In conclusion, is there really a connection between hand itching and stroking a lottery? Or just merely a superstition that has been passed down from the unknown? In the end, it is still up to you if you believe in this unproven, happy coincidence.




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