How to Position Your Bed for Good Feng Shui?

In the perspectives of Feng Shui, bedroom and bed plays a very important role because they support your personal energy. It is also a place to rejuvenate and maintain your love relationship, so now you can see the significance of this piece of “often neglected” furniture.

Despite of the many do’s and don’ts of the bedroom Feng Shui, the basic bed placement guideline is very easy to follow and apply in your life.

We will cover the best optimal Feng Shui placement for your bed.

Now, let’s move to your bedroom and check if you have positioned your bed in the most ideal Feng Shui location, which is also known as the “commanding” position. 

What is the key essential characteristic of the commanding position?

  • Bed is located farthest from the door
  • Do not face directly towards the door
  • When lying on the bed, you must have a clear view of the door/ can see who is coming in
  • You must have a wall and bed board as a strong backing/support behind you. No window behind, please!
  • No pointed corner (poisoned arrow) facing the bed

Ideal Good Feng Shui bed placement #1


Ideal Good Feng Shui bed placement #2




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