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10 Money Habits to Improve Your Wealth Luck in Feng Shui Way

Most of us have bad money habits – we spend too much, borrow too much, and save too little. But in this article, we are not talking about financial planning, investing or saving. Instead, we will share some beliefs and Feng Shui tips to improve your wealth luck.

Do you realise that your most minor daily money habit can cause your wealth luck to go down the drain unknowingly?

Here are ten habits that can cause poor wealth Feng Shui. Are you guilty of any of them?

1. Keeping Small Change Makes A Difference

People tend to belittle any amount that is less than one dollar and will ask the seller to keep the change, so unknowingly, you are giving away your wealth luck to the other party.

Keep every change because they are valuable, and most importantly, they are yours. However, people might label you as a miser, but why care if you are growing your wealth luck?

2. Pick Up Any Small Changes

If you dropped any minor changes on the floor or drain, you must pick them out to show appreciation.

3. Tossing Money Everywhere In The House

Some people like to place their money all around the house, for example, on the dining table, sofa, etc. If you have his habit, it is time to change because it symbolizes disperse of wealth.

4. Check Your Pocket Before Washing

Some of us do not like to clear our pockets before throwing them into the washing machine. It is a bad money habit because, in the long run, it symbolizes washing your wealth clean and empty.

5. Placing Your Money Safe in the Correct Location 

In some Feng Shui practices, people believe that putting a safe in an auspicious location of the house can activate wealth luck. But, on the other hand, placing the safe in an inauspicious area might bring bad luck instead.

6. Leaving Names on Notes Is One Of The Bad Money Habits

If you like to write names on your money, then it is time to stop this bad habit, because your wealth luck will go away too.

7. Ensure To Take Good Care Of Torn Dollar 

If you have a torn dollar, try to go to the bank and exchange it for a new one. Do not place it at home, throw it or even give it to people. If this is how to treat your money, consider the consequences.

8. Don’t Use Money As Art 

Some people like to use Dollars and coins as art by sticking them on the wall and decorating them into art pieces. It is a wrong move because it disrespects money and leads you to poverty.


9. Scattering Of Money

Once, a company ran a marketing campaign that tossed money out of the windows down the building. It has gone bankrupt, so bear this in mind if you pull such a stance.

10. Choosing The Right Wallet Does Matter 

Choosing the right type and wallet colour can help improve your money luck. So you should ideally choose a rectangular one and avoid an odd or irregular one. As for the color, choose the right wallet based on your intentions. Some people even choose the colour based on their BaZi elements.

In conclusion, you must respect and value any money you have so they will respect you too.

Are you guilty of any of these money habits?




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Wealth10 Money Habits to Improve Your Wealth Luck in Feng Shui Way