8 Feng Shui Tips To Avoid Losing Wealth Luck

8 Feng Shui Tips To Avoid Losing Wealth Luck

It might seems odd to you that your wealth luck is co-related to relocating or placement of items in your house or office but even if you don’t believe, it does exist. Feng Shui is all about energy and so does money. We will need to create a positive flow and vibe to attract more wealth and avoid losing them. If you are one that always always find problem accumulating wealth, you should take a look at your home Feng Shui again.

Here are 8 important areas you should look into:

1. Check for “water” area in your house

In the perspective of Feng Shui, water is the representation of your wealth flow, so check for any leakage and fix it immediately, unless you want your money to flow out.

2. Kitchen door facing the fridge 

Fridge is the symbolic representation of money safe and if you have kitchen door or even worse your main door facing the fridge, you are exposing your wealth. This might lead to money loss, theft or burglary, so take note of where you position your fridge.

3. A Clutter-free wealth position (财位) at home

Locate your wealth position in the house and make sure that it is not messy or cluttered with unnecessary stuff. If so, it is high time to get organised to clear them off.

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 4. Avoid dark front entrance or foyer to attract good “Qi” Energy

Your main entrance or foyer shall be bright to enhance the energy of the house, if it is too dark, you might face difficulties in attracting money. Beside that, you are advised to replace any burnt out lighting immediately.

5. Close the lids of your Toilet bowl after use

It might be good habit to close the toilet bowl’s lids after using it to prevent “Qi” from being flushed down and cannot be accumulated.

6. Keep your kitchen spick and span

Your kitchen symbolise abundance so keep rubbish bin out of sight and ensure that the kitchen is well maintained. Make it as spacious as you can, if your kitchen is small, make use of mirror to make it visually look big, but take care when you use mirror as it can have negative effects too.

7. Clean your windows regularly

Windows are typically know as the eyes of the home so if you have filthy windows, it means that your vision is unclear and prevent opportunities to knock into your life.

8. Personal wealth management play a part too

Last but not least, this tip is not related to Feng Shui but personal money mindset and financial education play an important role too. Just imagine if you manage to have a good Feng Shui house attracting abundance of wealth but you do not know how to give, save, invest or manage your funds, it will still become zero in the end.




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