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6 Helpful Feng Shui Tips For Good Relationship with In Laws

A daughter-in-law and her mother-in-law can be one of the most challenging relationships in family life. While it is natural for there to be tension between the two due to their unique expectations, personalities, and cultures, understanding each other’s points of view can help build a solid and lasting relationship.

If you have a strained relationship with in-laws, re-looking into the house Feng Shui might be helpful. This article will list some valuable tips to foster a better relationship with your in-laws.

Do you think Feng Shui can help to make life easy for such matter?

For those who are having such unhappy issue, you should begin by changing your attitudes and mindset to build good relationship with your mother-in-law. If you do not wish to change, there is so much Feng Shui can help and mostly probably, there will be no changes at all.

Feng Shui tips for a Good in-law relationship

1. Take care of your South-West sector of your house – SW sector represent the Female owner of the house so it will be good to light up this area by either using a lamp or himalayan salt lamp and make sure that it is clutter-free.

2. Also place 2 crystal balls in the SW corner –  Placing 2 pink crystal at this sector will enhance your relationship luck.

3. Dressing table is a MUST – In the recent years, it seems like many people has forgo having a dressing table in their bedroom due to space constraint. A dressing table symbolise the status and relationship luck of the female owner and it should not be under the air-con or beam.




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Love & Relationship6 Helpful Feng Shui Tips For Good Relationship with In Laws