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How Does Windows Affect Your House Feng Shui?

Beside applying good Feng Shui on your main door, you should also take care of your windows feng shui because your wealth luck will be affected if they are not properly looked into. It is significant to your house and it cannot to be ignored. Here are some tips to Feng shui your windows. 

1. Always ensure that your windows are clean and free of dirt as windows represent on how we see the world, so we also don’t want to have a blurred vision. Beside that, remember to ensure that your windows in good working condition and fix any broken one immediately.

2. Do not position your bed under a window – You will tend to have poor sleep quality because of the disruption of the Chi from the outside surrounding environment. With your head just right under the window, you will also be affected by the light coming in and also feel a lack of security. If you are living near to a busy street, you might also be affected by the noise and polluted air. All these factors will have a adverse impact on your health and your energy will be easily drained as a result.

3. Do not get a house with windows occupying every walls in a room – The optimal configuration will be only 2 walls have windows. When there is too many windows, it symbolize loss of wealth or income.

4. Windows should open outwards (not inwards) to symbolize a welcome gesture to the positive energy to flow into the house. 

Avoid vertical roman blinds.  Some masters believe that such blinds send out harsh poison arrows / sha qi with their cutting edges. It will be good to use a normal blind or curtain and it will be easier to maintain too.


6. Avoid window facing directly opposite the main door – In this scenerio, Chi flows in and out easily that cause it to disperse, and that symbolised that wealth luck cannot be accumulated. It does the same effect of mirror facing the main door.

When you have a moment, make sure that you check all the windows in your home or office space for good Feng Shui.




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