Year: 2017

Balcony Feng Shui Tips For Good Fortune and Attract Wealth

Facebook 10 Google+ Pinterest Advertisement Facebook Google+ Pinterest Balconies are nice and it will be even more awesome if it has a beautiful view, but it is also equally important to consider Feng Shui factors in choosing a house with a good balcony. Here are some guidelines to follow: 1. Avoid main door directly facing your balcony If you have such layout, it means that you will have difficulty accumulating wealth and what you earn will be gone in the end of the month. 2. Poison arrow pointing towards your balcony Try to observe the external view, standing from...

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Chinese Zodiac Forecast For Year of Earth Dog 2018

Facebook 46 Google+ Pinterest Advertisement Here are some facts about year 2018 new year. When is the Lunar New year? – Year 2018 Chinese New Year fall a bit late next year on February 16, 2018. The zodiac sign of 2018 is the Dog and the element is Earth. When is Li Chun (立春) – The first day of the solar calendar? – 4 February 2018, meaning that the zodiac forecast 2018 start this day. Which Zodiac clashes with Tai Sui in 2018? – Dog, Dragon, Goat, Rooster and Ox What are the auspicious dates for wedding? – You can...

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What Make A Good Feng Shui House?

Facebook Google+ Pinterest Advertisement Facebook Google+ Pinterest Are you looking to create good Feng Shui in your current house or hunting a new house with good Feng Shui elements? If yes, this is the article for you. We will cover some straightforward and simple guidelines that will assist you along the way. Undermentioned is the checklist or criteria of a good Feng Shui house. 1. Look around the exterior environment of your house Before you look into the interior of your house, you should first explore the exterior Feng Shui of your house, for example, there should be no...

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Auspicious Wedding Dates in Year 2018

Facebook 14 Google+ Pinterest Advertisement Facebook Google+ Pinterest If you are planning to get hitched next year, you can use the Chinese Almanac to find auspicious dates for occasions like wedding or solemnization or use the under-mentioned table for general guideline. If you want to play safe, you can engage a professional Feng Shui master to look into your “bazi” (八字) to find the perfect date. Gregorian CalendarDayZodiac Clash January 1, 2018Monday Pig January 10, 2018Wednesday Monkey January 11, 2018Thursday Rooster January 13, 2018Saturday Pig January 18, 2018Thursday Dragon January 20, 2018Saturday Horse January 23, 2018Tuesday Rooster January 24, 2018Wednesday Dog...

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Positioning Your Safe Box in a Feng Shui Way

Facebook Google+ Pinterest Advertisement Facebook Google+ Pinterest Regarding the placement of your safe box in office or home, there are a mixture of Feng Shui and common sense elements, so let’s go through some do’s and don’ts for safe location. Safe Box Placement Do’s and Don’ts  1. Do not locate a safe box facing directly to the main entrance as it indicates the difficulties to accumulate fortune.  2. Keep safe box (fridge is also considered as a safe deposit box) in a less obvious position and cannot be seen from outside. This is to minimize the probability of theft...

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