It might sound funny or even strange to apply Feng Shui to your car but think about it, Feng Shui is all about creating good energy around you, so if you spend time in your car, this is the space we must take care too. The basics of car Feng Shui is the same as Home Feng Shui and lets go through one by one to apply it to your car.

5 Awesome Feng Shui Tips for Your Car

1. Keep your car interior spick and span

Regardless where you are,  in your home, office and car, clutter is the number 1 enemy to Feng Shui. Always make an effort to clean up the stuff in your car that you does not need and use anymore. Clutter tends to build up negative energy over times and it will create depression and tension so keeping your car free of clutter will guarantee good Feng Shui.

2. Clean your car windows

Ensure that you clean your windows every now and then. If there is a crack in your windscreen, regardless how small or big it is, you must repair it immediately. Why?

Windows represent our eyes, so if you are driving a car with cracked or broken windows, you will have a blurred and cracked vision toward the future.

3. Choosing a Good license number is a good start

When you are choosing your license plate number, don’t just consider the number coding but also its spiritual implications.

Here are some number representation tips from some Feng Shui masters

0 means money

1 is sure good luck

2 is easy prosperity or earning even while sleeping

3 means forever

4 means death

5 means me

6 means the road to

7 means conflict

8 means double prosperity

9 means doubling

That is why Chinese love the number “168” that imply “Good Luck road to double prosperity”

But sometimes, it might not be easy to get the numbers that you want, so don’t fret. In order to remedy it, you can get a “168” stick and paste it on your car plate to revert the bad luck.

4. Avoid putting stuffed toys of fierce animal or sharp object.

If you are a fan of toys of snakes, tiger , lion or any other wild beast, you should consider keeping it away from you car too, because they attract negative vibes that symbolise death and killing. Sharp and pointed ornament, like sword should be avoided too.

5. Place Auspicious ornaments in your car does matters too

If you are someone that love to decorate your car, you might want to consider to put signs or symbol that are favourable to you. For example, if your zodiac is monkey, you must avoid tiger like item, for ox, sheep is not recommended and for more, you can refer to the table below.

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- 鼠遇龙则兴隆,可以摆龙、找属龙的贵人;
- 鼠遇猴则封侯,可以摆猴、登猴山、养猴、找属猴的贵人;
- 鼠遇牛则牛气,可以摆牛、登牛山、放放牛、找属牛的贵人;
- 鼠遇家享福啦,可以摆房子、福禄寿喜财之类物件;
- 鼠遇马则冲煞,注意和属马的人相冲;
- 鼠遇羊则不祥,注意和属羊的人相害。
- When Rat meet Dragon, it will prosper, so you can display Dragon mascot and find people of Dragon zodiac in your life
- When Rat meet Monkey, it means career advancement and promotion, so you can display Monkey Mascot and find people of Monkey zodiac in your life
- When Rat meet Ox, it bring energy into your life so you can display Monkey Mascot and find people of Ox zodiac in your life
- Rat love house, so you can decorate your house with items that symbolized wealth, like Fu Lu Shou god and etc
- When Rat meet House, there will be conflict, so beware of people of Horse Zodiac.
- When Rat meet Goat, it will be unlucky, so be careful of people of Horse Zodiac.

Believe it or not but Feng Shui does exists so take note of these pointers and apply them.