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8 Feng Shui Tips for Your Main Door

The good or bad Feng Shui of your house main door will somehow affect the luck, fortune and relationship of the whole family, so you must pay extra attention to enhancing the main door Feng Shui. Here are some key principles to take note:

1. Door must not be slanted

In chinese, slanted door (斜門) has the meaning of evil (邪門), so do not tilt your main door during renovation for any other reasons.

2. Keep your main door free of clutter

Do not store or pile up broom, mop or other unwanted items at the main door. This will block and deter good fortune and wealth from going into your home. It will be good to keep all shoes away in a closed cabinet, instead of leaving them lying in a mess.

3. Main Door must be always in good condition

Avoid having filthy, broken and cracked door because all these symbolize poverty and also show that the owners are lazy and do not like to take initiative. If you are invited to this type of house, do you want to go? If you don’t, do you think the god of wealth or fortune will visit? Definitely NOT!

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4. Avoid having a mirror facing the main door directly

If you have a mirror facing directly at your main door, all the lighting will be reflected. Negative energy can be reflected out of the house, as well as the good one too. If your main door cannot accumulate “qi”, you will not have wealth or people relationship.

5. Avoid Main door facing toilet door

Just imagine if you are the god of wealth, if the first sight that you see is a toilet, do you think you will stay in the house or even enter it? Of course not, you will just turn your head and leave. In this situation, it will cause loss of wealth or your wealth cannot be accumulated.

6. Avoid your stove facing directly your main door

Stove should be positioned in a well ventilated location that is away from the main door as it is a place to prepare food and nutrients for our daily meal. If you have stove facing your main door directly, it tends to give people a feeling of tension and stress to cook and do house chores. Stove also means our rice bowl and if we have this situation, it symbolize that we are struggling to earn a living without accumulating any wealth.

7. Do not have your refrigerator facing main door or back door

In today context, refrigerator is just like the granary in the ancient time. Food represent wealth and granary is the place to store food, so our fridge symbolize the place to store our wealth. In a situation where your fridge can be seen from the main door, it has the indication of your wealth being exposed and it can lead to borrowing of money from friends and relatives.

If your fridge is facing your back door, it can lead to burglary, theft, unreturned debts and this indicate loss of wealth.

8. Keep the interior and exterior of your main door neat and clean

God of wealth love to visit home that is clean, bright and fragrant, so keep your main door in an orderly manner to attract the god.

Take care of your main door Feng Shui and wealth and fortune will come to you.




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