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8 Trigrams Meaning – Unveil The Ancient Chinese Secret

The 8 trigrams that you usually see in a Bagua (八卦) are a set of ancient symbols that has mystical meanings and significance behind it. Many Chinese arts has been developed based on the principles of  these eight trigrams. They are namely, Feng Shui, traditional chinese medicine, martial arts, philosophy and many more.

This creation that is originated from I-Ching, also known as the Book of Changes has been used to understand the universe and the way of life. It is a system that enabled one to apprehend and decode the forces of nature.


The Concept of the 8 Trigrams

Each trigram is formulated by a combination of 3 lines. It can be defined by a broken line that represent Yin or a solid complete line, representing Yang. These 3 lines represent the trinity.

– The top line represent heaven

– The middle line represent earth

– The bottom line represent man

8 Trigrams Representation

TrigramsSymbolNumberElementDirectionFamily MembersBody Parts
Qian 乾6MetalNorthWestFatherHead & Lungs
Dui 兑7MetalWestYoungest DaughterMouth, Teeth and Chest
Li 離9FireSouthMiddle DaughterEyes, Heart
Zhen 震3WoodEastEldest SonLegs, Feet and Throat
Xun 巽4WoodSouthEastEldest DaughterHips, Thigh and Buttock
Kan 坎1WaterNorthMiddle SonEar, Blood and Kidney
Gen 艮8EarthNorthEastYoungest SonArms, Hand, Fingers and Spine
Kun 坤2EarthSouthWestMotherAbdomen, Stomach & Reproductive Organs

This information is often used by Feng Shui practitioners to identify the root energy source that is causing the problems. For example, if someone constantly leg problem, it can be zoomed into the situtation of the house’s east sector.

When hunting for a new house, it is always advisable to buy a house with a complete layout, typically a square or rectangular one. It is good to avoid house with missing sectors, especially NorthWest and SouthWest that is the representation of the mother and father.




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