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Bathroom Feng Shui Tips to Create Good Vibes in Your Living Space

Bathroom is an important place in your house that will affect your overall feng shui. However, it seems so insignificant that is always being neglected when you are doing house viewing, so be sure to apply the bathroom Feng Shui tips.

In this article, we will share some bathroom Feng Shui toilet tips so that you can look out for it when buying a new home.

1. Do not locate your bed to the wall that has the toilet positioned behind it

The person that sleep at the location tends to have poor quality sleep that will eventually leads to health issue, in particular headache and will fall sick easily.

 2. Avoid your toilet door facing the entrance of your kitchen 

It will cause the health of the family, especially the women members to deteriorate. It will also cause gastrointestinal diseases (肠胃疾病) to the one staying in the room that is directly facing the kitchen.

3. Do not position your bedroom door facing the toilet 

It will cause conflict and disagreement between the wedded couple and also affect their health too.

4. Do not position your toilet under a staircase

It is recommended to have a storeroom or keep it empty under the staircase as it can cause relationship problems between friends.

open concept bathroom


 5. Do not have open concept toilet

Many people like to have this type of toilet concept, just like what some hotels are having. For hotels, it is fine because you are just staying for few days but for your home, it is a bad Bathroom Feng Shui to do this concept.

It might cause those who are single to indulge in one night stand affairs and for those who are married, it might lead to divorce.

6. Floor height of the toilet should be lower than the living room or other room 

This is because toilet is a place filled with fifth and negative energy and if the floor height is higher, the bad energy will flow out. This will attract bad luck.

7. Your main door must not face the toilet directly upon entry 

It symbolize loss of wealth and it will be worse if it is facing directly towards the toilet bowl.

8. It is good to position your toilet to a remote corner of the house.

In conclusion, remember to apply these bathroom tips to bring good energy into your living space.




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