Chinese Superstitions That You Might Not Know

The Chinese believe in Superstitions or omen that bring you good fortune or impeding misfortune. Regardless if you believe or not, these chinese superstitions has somehow get into us in your life without us knowing it subconsciously. When things happen, we will immediately interpret the events if it is related to good fortune or bad luck.

Here are the superstitions in our daily life that the chinese might be aware or not even know.

List of Chinese superstition

1. Itchy ears

Many people believe that if your ears itch for no reasons, this means that someone is talking about you. If it is your left ear, it means that someone is talking good things about you, vice versa, if it is on the right, it means someone is talking bad about you. If your ears keep itching, it means that it is time to clean it. There are more to ear itching superstitions.

2. Wearing your clothing the wrong way

Don’t be embarrassed because this is a sign of good luck coming your way. This is especially true if you are currently suffering from bad luck, it is an indication that the bad scene will be gone soon and good fortune is coming.

But this does not count if you wear your clothes wrongly on purpose.

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3. Beginner’s luck in Gambling

Experts in the gambling game will always grumble or give the excuse when they lose to the novice, saying that this is the “beginner luck”.

Beside that, the Chinese also believed that pregnant ladies has extreme good luck in gambling, so avoid playing with them.

4. Never point to the moon

This is a common saying by the elderly that if you point to the moon, it is disrespect and you will be punished by having your ear cut or fall off.

5. Knocking on the hotel room door

When you are travelling for business or leisure, always remember to knock on the door to alert any spirit that you are just temporarily staying for a few days and thank them for that. There are more travel dos’ and dont’s that you will not mind to follow just to stay safe

6. Beating a person with a broom

It is believed to bring bad luck to him/her.

7. Black cat – good or bad luck?

It is a common superstition or myth that black cat bring bad luck, because in the middle ages, they are close companions to the evil witches. But in countries like Britain and Ireland, they belived that black cat bring good luck if they are walking towards them.

In the Chinese tradition, black cat are not favorable too, especially in funeral, it is believed that the corpse will turn into a zombie. Hmm what do you think?


8. Opening an Umbrella inside the hose

People has believed for many years that opening an umbrella in the house will result in bad luck, have you heard about that before?

9. The inauspicious number 4

The Chinese tends to avoid using this number as their house, mobile and car  number because the chinese word “4” sounds like death.

10. “Touch Wood”

This expression “Touch Wood” is commonly used by people who say something negative or unlucky. They will start tapping on table, or any wooden thing they can find, hoping that this action will reverse the undesirable wish.

11. Never pat on a gambler shoulder 

Always keep your hand off a person shoulder when he is gambling because it is believed that you will tap away their good luck. So keep your hands to yourself when you are in a casino to avoid getting into troubles.

12. Avoid taking photos in group of 3

According to superstitions, if you take a photo in 3, the middle person will die for no reason, and also the relationship will be broken too.

13. Do you finish your food completely?

You will always hear this from the elderly whenever you cannot finish your food. They will say, “If you want a good looking spouse, you must eat up every single food in the bowl”. This might be a good reason to educate you of food wastage.

14. Do not whistle at night

Based on the superstitions, one should not whistle at night, especially during the Hungry ghost month. It is said to attract the attention of the wandering spirit and follow you back home.

15. Broken mirrors

There is an old superstition that breaking a mirror bring you 7 years of bad luck, so handle mirrors with care.


Note: This Chinese superstitions list will be constantly updated with our reader contributions, so if you have any, please kindly share with us by dropping us a message.




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