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Why We Must Know The 3 Most Important Feng Shui Areas of A Home (And You Should, Too!)

In life, there are always some particular factors or areas that has more importance over the others and it is the same in the world of Feng Shui too. In Home Feng Shui, we always take priority on these 3 most essential areas of our house (the main door – 门, the bedroom – 主 and the kitchen – 灶) before we take care of the other areas.

Good home Feng Shui is about attracting positive energy (chi) into these 3 spaces as it signify bringing wealth and opportunities into your life. In contrast, if these 3 areas has inadequate chi or are filled with negative energy, you tend to hit into obstacles in your life, so let’s explore the basic ways to Feng Shui these spaces.

Main Front Door Feng Shui

The main door signify the chi mouth of the house, so you need to ensure that there is no obstacles or blockage that prevent the chi from flowing into the house. Beside this, you might want to take care of Sha Chi (negative killing energy) that is pointing to the main door. It might be the edge of the wall facing your door or even something further, like a corner of a building from across the street.

Bedroom Feng Shui

Bedroom is a place that we spent one third of our lives and it is a space for us to relax and rejuvenate, therefore it is important that we take good care of the chi entering the room and also placing our bed in a command position.

Generally, the layout of your bedroom should be square or rectangular as it stands for stability and also give you a sense of comfort as compared to those with irregular shape that do not allow a balanced flow of energy.

The bed should be placed against a solid wall and diagonally facing the room door. Beside that, it must be accessible from both sides.


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Kitchen (Stove) Feng Shui

The kitchen, specifically referring to the stove is a representation of our source of food from our jobs and businesses. Beside that, it also affect the health of the female owner of the house, so we must always keep it clean and ensure that all of the burners are functioning properly. If there is negative energy in the kitchen, it could result in career obstruction, wealth difficulties and poor health.

Here are a few tips.

  • Stove and water sink should not be beside each other because the fire and water elements clashes.
  • It is always good to have stove in a house as it represent the female position in the family. Even if you are currently single (especially for male), stove is essential because it will attract your other half into your life.

It is now time to look into these 3 main areas for Feng Shui audit to attract better luck and fortune.




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