Feng Shui Front Door Color

Feng Shui Front Door Color – Which One Is Best For You?

Your front door is one of the most critical areas in Feng Shui. You must pay extra attention because it significantly affects the energy flow in your home. Besides that, this front door is the first impression people have of you. The door’s colour is also a reflection of the personality and style of the homeowner.

So when designing your front door, it’s crucial to choose those colors that reflect the energy you want to invite into your home. On the other hand, avoid colors that may attract unwanted visitors or bring bad luck to the household.

Front Door and Feng Shui

The front door is not just a doorway to welcome guests but also a symbolic representation of the house. Therefore, it is vital to take note of what color you paint your front door and how it affects the Feng Shui in your home.

The color you paint your front door will affect the energy flow in your house. We can use different colors to set up specific moods and feelings in particular areas in your home.

For example, red doors are great for stimulating energy and promoting passion, while green doors are calming and soothing.

How To Choose Color Based on Front Door Facing Direction?

Choosing the best Feng Shui front door color is not always easy. However, you can use the door facing as a guideline to select a suitable color. Here’s how to choose the right color and make your home more inviting.

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What Are The Best Feng Shui Colors For Door Facing West?

The best colors for the door facing west are white and grey. These colors are auspicious, which means they bring good luck, wealth, and prosperity to the house. However, avoiding blue, black, red, purple, and orange is best.

Which Feng Shui Colors is Best For Door Facing East and Southeast?

Southeast and East facing front door both belong to the Feng Shui wood element, so you can use the same color choices such as natural color like green and brown to enhance the positive energy.

You should not use fiery colors representing fire elements such as red and purple. These colors are destructive to the wood based on the five elements destructive cycle.

What Colors To Choose For Door Facing South?

A good color for your south-facing front door should constitute fire energy. Colors like solid yellow, deep orange, purple or red are great choices that will energize the home and reflect the sun’s warmth.

When choosing your front door colour, you should not use colors belonging to the earth, metal and water elements. The Earth and metal elements weaken fire in the exhaustive cycle. In addition, the water also eliminates fire in the Feng Shui destructive cycle.

What Are The Suitable Colors For North and Northwest Facing Front Door?

Northwest and North-facing front doors are a sign of prosperity when you apply colors belonging to the metal. However, it can signify poor luck and poverty when coupled with a red door.

If you apply black or blue color to the door facing these two directions, this color scheme helps to bring wealth and prosperity to the household.

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What Feng Shui Color To Paint On Northeast Facing Front Door?

A Northeast-facing front door belongs to the Earth element. Therefore, if the right color is applied, this is a good place for spiritual growth and cultivation and can bring favourable energy into your home.

The best Feng Shui colors for a Northeast-facing front door are earth-toned colors. However, it would be best to avoid green, brown or white that weaken the Earth element of Northeast.

What Is The Best Color For Southwest Facing Front Door?

When you have a front door facing Southwest belonging to the Earth element, the colors associated with the Earth and Fire are the ideal choice. Therefore You can choose yellow, burgundy red, purple and orange but avoid green, brown, white, grey, blue and black.

In conclusion, choosing the right Feng Shui color for your front door is one of your most important decisions. So be sure to choose wisely.




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