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Health Feng Shui Tips For Your Home To Improve Vitality

Have you heard this phrase before – “No health, no wealth”? It literally means that if you do not have a healthy body, wealth does not mean anything to you in life. It is because you will be spending your time and money trying to restore good health.

If your health is not desirable or your loved one’s health need attention, here are some simple health Feng Shui tips

Health Feng Shui Tips That You Must Not Miss

1. Avoid placing your dining table facing directly to the toilet door

The bathroom is filled with unfavourable energy or smelly stink and dining table is the place where you enjoy your food. In this layout configuration, it will pose a health and hygiene problem for the family.

2. Do not combine the dining area and kitchen together

In the long period of cooking, fumes and gas are accumulated. Inhaling them will eventually cause health issue, especially to the stomach and digestive system.

3. Avoid colourful dining table decoration and choose solid material

It is recommended to use natural color like coffee, brown or black for your dining table because if the color is too bright, it will affect appetite. It is good to choose dining table built with sturdy material like solid wood, marble, instead of glass or metal.

4. Do not have overhead beam above the dining table

Avoid placing important furniture, like bed sofa, work desk, stove, etc below a beam.  This is because of the it create a strong energy that give people a feeling of oppression. Similarly, if the dining table is under the beam, it might affect food ingestion that will cause poor health in the long period.

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5. Avoid toilet door or room door facing your bed

It will cause health problem to different parts of your body depending on the door facing.

a. Door facing head – It will cause headache and migraine

b. Door facing stomach – It will cause gastric and stomach problems

c. Door facing legs – It will cause problem relating to your lower body

6. Bedroom door facing the toilet door is a big NO NO

If you have this type of layout, it will cause illness mainly on bones and muscles and also loss of wealth. 

Health is wealth so it is time to apply these health Feng Shui tips for better wellness.




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