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7 Must Know House Feng Shui tips to attract good luck to your home

In the eye of House Feng Shui, it suggests that if you want to attract good luck and fortune to your home, there are some simple tips to follow and there is no need to make extreme ridiculous purchases or renovations to do so.

1. No Dead or Withering Plants

It is good to have nice and living plants in your house to circulate the energy flow but if you are someone who is too lazy to maintain them, then it better to go without plant. This is because keeping any dead / withering plants in your home represent death and will bring negative energy into your house.

Doesn’t dead plant look like sunset luck? 

2. Clutter-less home means good Feng Shui

This is the most fundamental of all and it should not be done once a year during Chinese New Year spring cleaning, it should be carried on a regular basis. Our homes must always have clean and positive energy to inhabit the spaces, so it is always good to spare a little time and cleanse the old energy to welcome and attract fresh and new “chi” to your home.


Say no to Chaos in your home to attract good Feng Shui

3. Ensure good energy flow at your main door

Your main door is the mouth of your inward energy so we must always create an open and inviting pathway to allow positive energy to flow into your home and take caution of any obstructions that is blocking the chi flow. Always keep the space at or outside the main door free of clutter by removing any bins, old pots, shoes  or any mess you can find.

4. Ensure that your toilet lid is always down when not in use

The reason is obvious because it is due to hygiene purpose but in the perspective of a traditional geomancy, it symbolise flushing down good energy or wealth out of your home.

5. Fix the broken

Make sure all the appliances, lighting, stove, especially leaky plumbing and any other things are working properly.  If it cannot be repaired, then remove/replace it to prevent negative chi in your space.

6. Locate your wealth location (财位) and take good care of it

Look for your wealth/money area in your house that required your exception attention. How do you find this position?

a. You can either invite a professional Feng Shui master to your house to locate this special location OR

b. Alternatively, you can do it DIY – Read this article for more information (Locating your wealth position /财位 in your home)

Upon finding this location, treat it with special care and decorate with symbols of wealth, inclusive of any Feng Shui items that symbolise abundance of wealth, for example, three legged frog, lucky money tree, gold coins, laughing Buddha and many other. There are other factors to take care too when decorating your wealth position, check out the do’s and don’ts of a wealth location.

7. Hang Paintings with Water as it symbolise wealth/money

You must have heard that hanging a painting of waterfall in your living room is good Feng Shui because there is a belief that they attract wealth into the house, but do note that you must choose one that has the water flowing inwards to your house, instead of flowing outwards because having the wrong direction could means losing money.

Be careful and take note of the flowing water direction

Now, take action and apply these tips to turn your house into a good Feng Shui home.




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