How To Feng Shui Your Wealth Location? (With Illustrations)

Have you found your wealth location (財位) in your house or office? If you have, don’t be in a hurry to place your lucky symbolized object to attract your wealth, take a look at the below Feng Shui tips first. In this post, I will share with you how to focus on enhancing your wealth position and also avoiding the taboos.

1. Wealth position must have wall backing support (財位須靠牆)

It is recommended to have your wealth position against a wall as a backing because it symbolize that you will support from around you. If you have a wealth position that has no wall surrounding it, it might lead to loss of wealth (破財).

2. Wealth position to be away from windows and doors aisle

“Gathering the wind and harnessing the energy” – 藏風聚氣 (A secluded  location that has no much movement) can help in enhancing your wealth position, so it must not be at the door and windows opening and walkway because it will cause the energy to disperse.

3. Avoid Messy Wealth position

Ensure that your wealth position is free of clutter and it must be stable and not shaky. In additional, you must also keep the area speck and span in order to generate the positive energy to attract the wealth.

4. Wealth position cannot be oppressed by beam

Ensure that your wealth position is not oppressed by a pressing beam located above it. Regardless whether you have placed a God of Wealth or Wealth toad, it will not be activated and wealth will not come. In contrast, it might cause decline of fortune because wealth position has been oppressed.


 5. Wealth position should be bright and have light

It is always good to have your wealth position bright and light shining in and should avoid bleak and dark condition. If it is in this condition for a long period of time, it will start to accumulate a lot of negative “chi”, energy and cause the luck of the family to decline.

6. Only live plants are allowed to placed in Wealth position

If you want to place plant in the wealth position, it is recommended to use live plant instead of the artificial ones because the purpose is to create vitality so that your income stream will be always flowing in non-stop. If you have fake plants or rotten ones, it will only gather the negative energies and turn the location into an unlucky one.

Hope you have learn something today!



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