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Peach Blossom Eyes – The Most Irresistible Type in Face Reading

There is a common metaphor, “Our eyes are the windows of our soul” and it means that the eyes serve as a medium that can convey the innate feeling within oneself. In the art of face reading, there are many types of eye shapes and patterns. Peach Blossom Eyes, known as 桃花眼 in Chinese society, is one of the most popular and highly sought eye shapes.

Those with such eyes have an exceptional and irresistible charm that can easily attract the opposite gender. They tend to have good peach blossom luck and have a richer romantic life. There is no lack of suitors, but the love path usually is quite bumpy and unstable.

How does the peach blossom eyes look like?

The long and slender eye is in a wavy shape (tails slightly tilted upwards) that resembles a peach flower petal and typically looks lovely. It is also sometimes known as the “bedroom eye” because it gives people an impression that this person has not fully woken up from sleep yet.

Peach Blossom Eyes


Here are some visible traits of a peach blossom eye:

  • Long and slender
  • The upper eyelid has a larger curvature
  • Double eyelid and Long eyelashes
  • Watery look
  • Crescent shape when smiling
  • Slight blush around the eyes

Do you know anyone with these peach blossom eyes that can electrify and attract the other gender?

There is a common misbelief that those with such eyes are flirtatious and most likely to interfere in other people’s relationships. Just ignore this misconception.

Peach blossom eyes are near to perfect eye shape, so rejoice if you have that. Do not allow such belief to negatively affect your life because your destiny is in control of your own hand.



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