Feng Shui Fridge

You have not see it wrong, yes, even your fridge in every home need to be “configure” for the good Feng Shui to attract wealth and health. So lets see what are some of the do’s and don’ts for your fridge.

6 MUST SEE Tips For Good Fridge Feng Shui

1. Do not have empty Refrigerator

Refrigerator is closely related to the family’s diet, if there is plenty of food, it symbolize abundance of feast. If the fridge is empty, it signify adverse bad economic situation, so be sure to keep your fridge full of food.

2. Regular clean up of Fridge

In Feng Shui, fridge is close associated with the wealth luck of the family members, so you should keep it clean by removing expired food, rotten ingredient and any unwanted items. Once it is free of clutter, it promotes good family fortune.

3. Fridge must not face the kitchen Door



Regardless if the fridge is in the living room or kitchen, it must not face any doors because the energy (qi) flow will clash and likely to cause instability in wealth and even leading to bankruptcy.

4. Position Refrigerator away from the stove

Fridge belongs to the Metal elements, while stove is fire and in the five elements, they clash, so it advisable to put them far apart from each other. It is also a No No to have them facing one another because it will cause argument and disharmony in the family.

5. Do not Place other electronic equipment on top of the Fridge

It is advisable not to put oven, microwave, juicer or other electrical equipment on top of the fridge because they will emit electrical magnetic airflow that will affect the health.

6. Do not place fridge in bedroom

Nowadays, people tend to have more that 1 fridge in their home, but it is advisable to remove fridge from your bedroom because it will affect the person staying inside in terms of extreme thinking, strange personality and also cause the career luck to dip.

Hope you can apply these simple tips for better Kitchen and Fridge Feng Shui.




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